Edmond Schools stay on AB schedule until state guidelines are met. Learn and stay safe!

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Edmond Public Schools in Oklahoma are currently on an A/B schedule for physical school attendance due to COVID-19. Students attend school two days a week in person and distance learn with school supplies devices the other days of the school week. EPS Board of Education will consider transitioning to full in person schooling once the state guidelines for full return are met - meaning once Oklahoma County is in the ‘yellow zone’ for COVID-19 cases for three weeks straight.

Currently, Oklahoma County has been in the yellow zone for one week. A small group of parents have initiated a petition to convince the EPS Board to disregard their own plan and Oklahoma State Board of Education Guidelines by requiring students to return to full in person school immediately. This would completely disregard the plan that parents have known about and planned around and it would subject students, teachers, faculty, and the family of all to a much higher risk of COVID infection. We ask that the EPS Board not consider a full in person return to school until Oklahoma County has been in ‘yellow’ for 3 straight weeks and follow the EPS plan and state Guidelines to allow our students to safely learn!