Justice for Isaiah Lewis- wrongfully shot and killed by police at 17 years old

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Isaiah Lewis was 17 years old when he was shot and killed by police on April 29th, 2019. He was having a psychotic episode when someone called 911. He was running through the neighborhood, unarmed and naked. The police had no body cams on when they shot and killed Isaiah while he was unarmed and completely naked.

There were cameras near by that mysteriously didn’t work. There was a neighbor that said he heard about 10 gunshots. The officers said that he was in a random house, although the house owner said he never saw him. Cops will cover for other cops. The system is corrupt. We need to fight for Isaiah. 

Sgt. Milo Box and Officer Denton Scherman are the officers who murdered Isaiah. The goal here is to get them charged for their crimes. They took his life. His life that had barely even started yet. He didn’t even make it to his 18th birthday. The Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office has decided not to charge them, because there is lack of probable cause. I disagree. Please join me. I want this case reopened and I want justice for Isaiah.

Isaiah deserves justice. He needed help, and the police failed him. They could’ve restrained him and taken him to jail or to a hospital and gotten him the help he needed, but instead they took his life. They should’ve called for backup if two cops wasn’t enough. It was unnecessary for Isaiah’s life to be taken. Because two officers didn’t care enough to save him, Isaiah’s family and friends will have to live on without him. These cops need to be charged for their crime, just like any other murderer. They don’t get a free pass just because they’re policeman. 

I need as many signatures as possible so I can get this case reopened!!

Sign this petition to get justice for Isaiah. Share this petition so his name will be heard. Black Lives Matter!!!!