Protest against defamatory article by Aatish Taseer in TIME Magazine against PM MODI

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The latest column by-- Aatish Taseer in Time magazine against Prime minister Narendra Modi is not only factually incorrect but it also questions the wisdom of Indian electorate who have overwhelmingly supported him in 2014 and also likely to reaffirm their faith in the leadership of Mr Modi again in the ongoing election – Mr Taseer is wrong on most of his arguments, may it be economy, development, women empowerment or Hindu- Muslim divide. His intellectual arguments that India's past, her heritage is an impediment for India's future progress is equally baseless. There is every evidence to show otherwise. From the great freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel to social reformers like Ambedkar, everyone had deep roots in Indian heritage, though they have condemned social ills in the strongest terms, and rightly so.

It appears that the only objective of this Pakistani- origincolumnist is to defame Modi, defame Indian electorate and defame India. We are equally appalled by the choice of Timeeditors to make it highly derogatory column as its cover story,rather than another balanced story in the same issue of Time by Ian Bremmer which says that only- Modi is best suitable for economic reforms in India.

We undersigned strongly protest against such a derogatory article against India and a democratically elected leader of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. Needless to say that such biased article will have little or no effect on Indian electorate and they will elect Mr. Modi for the second term as India's Prime Minister.