Save the ECA Degree Show

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As students of the Edinburgh College of Art we are asking the heads of the school and of the wider university to act in the best interest of the graduating class of 2020. This petition is aimed at those who have the power to affect change in the way ECA is managing the coronavirus crisis. We expect the university to provide us with the level of opportunity they have provided students in the past and will continue to provide in the future after this pandemic has been mitigated. This is why we wish to be assured that our degree show will be postponed rather than merely cancelled.

This is an unprecedented worldwide phenomenon, that is why we urge the Edinburgh College of Art to also act with an unprecedented sense of kindness and and compassion to the students who will suffer the most from this decision. As a world-class institution who prides themselves on excellency in educational standards, we look to those in power to uphold these same educational values in the face of constant uncertainty. We would like our voice to be present in wider discussions relating to the course of action for graduating art students. The online submission replacing the degree show seems to ratify the opinion that the university is vested in economic gain rather than providing the success and welfare of their students. This university has the power and resources to take care of a group of students who have invested (in all senses of the word) in building up for this final semester. 

Yes, there is uncertainty for all graduating art students world-wide. However, this does not mean that the university should be rid of the responsibility to safeguard our education. It means that there should be more overt efforts to assure us that they are on our side.