Fill my medical supply order at cost to them due to misinformation from their company resulting in the critical supply order being unfilled.

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I am creating this petition because I have seen others petition medical companies with positive results.  I am at a loss for what to do next.

I am a quadriplegic due to a c6/c7 incomplete spinal cord injury from a car wreck in December 2006.  Because of my injury level, I have to catheterize. 

 In January 2015, I had to switch medical supply companies because the company I was with was not contracted with my new health plan.  There were a couple of problems with the first months order that were resolved after a bit of work.  I contributed that to being a new client with some specific needs.

 When February came around, and it was time to confirm my supply order, I noticed some errors and contacted the company.  The person I spoke with the first time told me my script was wrong, and I would need a new script.  I had a copy of the script because I had had to send it, and documentation from my medical records, in January, along with my PCP sending it in multiple times.  I verified the information that was supposedly missing was, in fact, included on the script and called again.  This time I was informed that nothing was wrong with the script, it was insurance they were waiting on and that the claim would be sent again and to wait a few days before checking on it again.  I called back the following week and was told the same thing. There was no issue with insurance in January so I was confused as to why there would be in February, as I had not received anything from the insurance company stating denial of payment for my supplies.  I was told that the claim would be filed again on Wednesday and to check back Thursday.

 I contacted my insurance on Wednesday and was told that no claim had been filed for the month of February by EdgePark.  Since I had just been told by EdgePark that the claim would be pushed through again, I did not call them back on Wednesday.  I did call back Thursday and checked my order status from their automated menu.  The status said that my order had "partially shipped" that day and would be received in one business day.  I did not speak to an EdgePark rep because I mistakenly assumed that since it reported that my order had shipped, that it actually had.  I called back Friday when I did not receive said partial order, and again checked my order status.  Once again, I was informed that my order had "partially shipped" Friday and would be received the next business day.  I took that to mean that the rest of the order had shipped and that I would have all of my supplies by the following Monday.  

 Shortly after checking the status on the phone, I thought to check my email to see if there was an estimated delivery date in the email I was told I would receive when my supplies shipped.  There was no email.  I called EdgePark back to confirm with a living person that my supplies had indeed shipped.  I was told that no, they had not shipped, and that my order was still processing in billing, but that the billing department was closed for the night.  The rep could not tell me why the order status continued to tell me that my supplies had shipped when they had not.  I spoke with someone in the billing department Saturday and was told more or less the same thing.  This time the rep did say she would make a note and mark it urgent so Monday someone will contact my insurance to try to get it authorized over the phone.  

 If this happens, they will ship my supplies out Monday and the claim will still be submitted for February.  If this does not happen, I will not get any of my supplies.  My insurance will be cancelled as of March 1, 2015, and will not be reinstated until April 1, 2015, though my caseworker is attempting to get approval for it to be retroactive for the month of March.  I informed EdgePark of this when trying to get my supplies ordered and shipped during the month of February.  I have enough cathing supplies to last me until  approximately March 4, 2015.  My supplies cost over twice the amount I receive in one month through my disability benefits, which is my sole source of income.  Not having these supplies will cause severe medical complications due to my spinal cord injury.  If EdgePark information had not said my supplies had shipped, I could have found another company to fill my supply order for the month and would not be in the situation that I currently am in.  I attempted to get the supplies through another company on February 28, 2015, but that is not possible on a Saturday due to billing departments and insurance reps not being in the offices on Saturdays.

 I feel that it is only right that EdgePark Medical Supplies should cover cost of the catheter supplies on my script if they are unable to have them covered by insurance on March 2, 2015 due to misinformation of order status.

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