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Return Darla To Lawful owner

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Apparently you can adopt a dog and if the original owner sees it, it's okay for them to just TAKE it from your yard. If it weren't for this Adopter this dog would be dead right now... She was in the shelter for way longer than she was supposed to be. If you know anything about the Shelter Laws in the South, you know that an animal being held in a shelter longer that 30 days is uncommon. The Tarboro Shelter was within their rights if they had euthanized her after 72 hrs because she was a stray. Fortunately for the town and county, our AC officers don't euthanize a healthy dog unless they have to for space. The Adopter took care of her for 2 weeks...herself and her children fell in love with her. But now she is stuck on a damn chain just being a fixture in the yard... The adopter has allegedly spoke to the County Sheriff in regards to this matter where the former owner entered her property and stole the dog. The Sheriff has allegedly told the Adopter there is noting that can be done. Now if Fancy was legally adopted to this adopter, then that is the legal exchange of ownership of Fancy to the adopter according to law. In turn former owner has no further rights to Fancy. The adopter and her family are now the legal owners and rename Fancy to Darla. I would think there are not only trespassing laws broken, but also theft in this case. We ask Sheriff James L. Knight to please uphold the law "Sec. 4-43. Impoundment of animals.
(a) A domesticated animal impounded under this article may be reclaimed by its owner or keeper according to the procedures of the animal shelter. The owner or keeper of an impounded domesticated animal shall be responsible for and shall pay all expenses, boarding costs, redemption privilege taxes and costs
associated with such impoundment prior to reclaiming the animal. Unless reclaimed, the impounded domesticated animal may be allowed to be adopted or humanely euthanized according to animal shelter procedures after five days of impoundment. Feral dogs and cats may be held for 72 hours and then euthanized pursuant to animal shelter procedures for humane euthanasia. The owner or keeper of an impounded domesticated animal shall also comply with any vaccination and licensing directives and be responsible for the payment to the county of all civil penalties and license privilege taxes imposed or associated with the animal's impoundment as prescribed in any citation or notice issued by the animal control director. Bitten quarantined animals not reclaimed within 72 hours after the end of the quarantine period will be considered abandoned and will become the property of the county animal shelter and disposed of according to standard animal shelter procedures".  As this dog was allowed to be adopted after spending more than 30 days in the shelter, the Sheriff needs to get Darla back to the adopter. This needs to be corrected before something happens to this dog as we are aware that allegedly county ACO has already been to the man's house and taken pics of where she's living and told the man there were issues with her living conditions. Again this nothing to do with our wonderful ACO's or shelter but has escalated above them and we need everyone's help by signing this petition.

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