A-level Maths Edexcel 2019. We want a re-assessment of the situation.

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We would like some form of compensation or special consideration to be taken when our A-level maths Edexcel papers are marked to give us good grades and to consider the effect on our mental health. We are asking for this paper to be marked fairly in order to give us a chance at our future. This is because the maths papers this year (specifically paper 2) was extremely difficult and unreasonable. They were unlike any specimen, past or textbook questions. Moreover across the board we feel that Maths A-level this year was not only unfair due to the difficulty of the papers, but also because of the leakage of the papers on social media and the fact that students just taking maths have to compete with students taking further maths aswell. We are also asking for the syllabus and future specimen papers to be amended and made more reasonable and attainable for future students.