Stop destruction of Farmlands, Forests, Habitats & Livelihoods for Eight way lane Project

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Stop destruction of Farmlands, Forests, Habitats and Livelihoods for expansion of salem airport and proposed 8 way lane project Chennai-Salem Expressway

Chief Minister K Palaniswami said the Salem-Chennai eight lane green corridor project will boost economic growth and it gains far outweighed other factors. The question here is for whose economic growth.

The project requires a grand total of 2791 hectares to be acquired which includes agricultural land, community land, and residential plots.

The project pass through 11 reserved forests in the main alignment i.e. Chennai- Salem and one in Thiruvannamalai Spur. These include Siruvanjur, Nambedu, Alialamangalam, Anandavadi, Ravandavadi, Manjavadi ghat and Pallipatti extension, Jarugumalai and Sorakolathur.

The 8 way lane project announced between Salem and Chennai is a danger to people residing there. There are already 3 roads that connect Chennai to Salem and Salem also has an airport.

The Salem-Chennai eight lane green corridor project, would be build at a cost of 10000 crores and cutting through numerous fields, farms, lakes, rivers and forests and thus causing a great deal of trouble not only to the people earning their lively hood from the farms that they own which falls on this stretch but also to the existing ecology, flora and fauna.

This pouring of cement and tar on pristine Hill ranges of shervarayon, kalrayan, javadhu etc would be lead to catastrophic results. Loss of livelihoods, severe impact on streams, water bodies etc, worsening the already changing rain fall patterns, loot of tax payers money etc are a few effects.

The proposal to clear 100 hectares of forest land would cause irreversible damage to environment in Tiruvannamalai and Dharmapuri.

The reserve forest area is home to hundreds of animals and several bird species, besides functioning as lungs for villages in Northern Tamil Nadu.

The Government is not ready to listen or discuss the plight of the farmers and the land owners or even study the effects that this project will have on mother nature.

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