Make Pillion Riding Permissible in India

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...Two wheelers are the heartbeat of many Indians. It is the common man’s most affordable way to move, to get things done, to take care of loved ones, to find a way to keep the stove burning for many. 

We want to make pillion rides permissible in many states in India. There are people out there who are facing the real brunt of the catastrophe as their incomes have taken a massive hit. The majority of Indians prefer 2 wheelers over cars for the ease in budget commute. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many service industries have taken a hit. 


The pandemic has brought acute stress for almost everyone. We are dwelling in an uncertain situation where everybody is unclear about the future. 3/4th of the population cannot afford a shutdown of the services they depend on for their income. This has brought our severe pain and struggle to most of the workers in the service sector. Many service providers who solely depend on taxi rides are finding it challenging to feed a single meal to their family. 

Since the transport industry has opened up with a few regulations in the states, the usage of two-wheelers is comparatively safer to the public than the shareable rides. It is important to leverage the safety and hygiene factors and allow pillion rides for seamless commuting. Currently, the states let the pillions be either only spouses or kids or no pillions at all. Permitting pillion rides will help doctors, farmers, and citizens of various backgrounds reach the destination faster and safer. 

In a country like India, the dependency on 2-wheelers has always been at peaks. They are the common man's best companion. A way to move, to get things done, to take care of loved ones, to find a way to keep the stove burning for many. We must explore more opportunities with two-wheeler riding to support small businesses and allow pillion riding during emergencies that can further enhance the welfare of the daily wage workers. 

We request you to support us in this cause and help pillion riders move again.