Cancellation of Final Year Engineering Exams

Cancellation of Final Year Engineering Exams

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As we all know, recently our Vice-chancellor of anna university and other universities are planning for conducting exams for final year students only. This has caused a lot of stress among final year students regarding their future.

Some of the following things are the cause of concern and need the attention of the rule-makers.

1). As of now the only year who is in so much trouble is the final year as finding jobs during this phase and supporting families is the main cause of worrying. Upon that having exams is a very big deal.

2). Online resources and syllabus are yet not enough to complete the term. Books are not available with the students. Most of the students in rural areas don't have access to the online syllabus.

3) Social distancing will be very difficult to maintain in colleges and it may increase the state tally for active cases.

3. Most of the students of universities are from other states and some are from other countries too. How universities feel traveling will be safe during this situation? upon that government says to go quarantine for 14 days. Traveling is really not accepted during this phase for sure.

4) Students going for higher studies abroad will lose their full-year as still exams are on the way to be decided, so they have to keep waiting for exams and then the provisional certificates.

5)Moreover, the final years have given 7 semesters, 2 internal assessments, and 2 project reviews, all of this is more than enough to assess the student's performance.

Hence, it is all of our sincere requests to kindly cancel the examination for final semester students. The health of all students is more important than their academics. However, we can't ignore the importance of academics and hence request you to assess us on our previous marks and give us a wealth of time and health for future accomplishments. We know our voices are well taken care of, thank you for your time. 

Kindly consider this petition.