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I've been a fan of BNL ever since the early days when they broke out of the indie scene in Toronto.  They are one of the all time great Canadian bands which have achieved enormous success yet they still seem to remain down to earth and refreshingly laid back. As a fan, I was disappointed to learn that BNL is scheduled to play an upcoming show at Seaworld in Orlando, Florida on February 15, 2014.

In light of all the horrific information we're learning about places like Seaworld and Marineland. I'm hoping to grab the band's attention on this issue and ask them, on behalf of all their animal-loving fans, to reconsider performing there.  

It is well documented that parks like Seaworld have obtained their whales, dolphins and other animals in cruel ways, capturing them and tearing them away from their families in the wild. It has been documented that other whales have been killed during these captures. These animals -- who swim hundreds of kilometers a day in the wild -- are then contained in concrete bathtubs for the rest of their lives. The USDA has even issued a warning to Seaworld about sub par facilities for the animals. The list goes on and on.

I've bought BNL albums, been to their shows and even met them on one occasion. They seem like really great guys with a lot of talent and natural ability to connect with their fans.  I know they have a social conscience and I sincerely hope that they choose not to support cruel captivity by immediately cancelling their Seaworld performance.

Please sign my petition and share with other BNL fans.

For more on Seaworld watch the documentary Blackfish.

For more on Marineland read the Toronto Star investigations.

Letter to
Ed Robertson
Tyler Stewart
Kevin Hearn
and 2 others
Jim Creeggan
Barenaked Ladies
We, your loyal fans and compassionate animal advocates alike, ask that you please reconsider your scheduled performance at Seaworld Orlando on February 15th 2014.

We have supported BNL from its most humble beginnings and continue to endorse you as honourable representatives of our fun, creative, compassionate and caring Canadian spirit; however we now ask that you please not support the cruelty that exists at captive marine mammal facilities.

We invite you to view the film Blackfish and learn how Seaworld and other captive display facilities such as Marineland in Niagara Falls (only 80 miles from your home town of Toronto) have for decades exploited marine mammals solely for profit. Orcas for example are highly intelligent and socially complex mammals who live in large family pods with bonds arguably stronger than it's human counterparts. They are magnificent wild animals that deserve their freedom in the ocean and not to be confined to a concrete box where they face unreasonable hardships for their life's entirety, until the day they die.

We believe BNL's intrinsic values are not aligned with a corporation like Seaworld or Marineland, and we have always appreciated BNL's thoughtful and progressive philosophies as both a group and individuals.

We encourage you to uphold these values in return for our utmost respect and continued devotion as one of Canada's most treasured exports.

Peace & Love

Your Fans

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