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Justice For Boomer- Boomers Law

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Recently our beloved German Shephard/Belgian Malinois mix, Boomer, was hit by a feed delivery truck on our property. He was struck and pushed along the gravel until his bones allowed him to break free. 

While he was being called inside on the winter day, he began dragging his lifeless body up the hill to try and make it "home". Such a strong boy he was. He made it up the hills and a set of stairs until he curled up on the back deck. 

Leg nearly completely severed off, stomach ripped open and bleeding profusely. The driver, not to be seen.

While waiting for the veterinarian to make the drive out to the country, Boomer was covered in blankets and his owners laid with him to keep him company. These were the last moments he would have feeling the unconditional love from his owners. Just as it was also theirs. 

Due to his injuries, he was already slipping away. With the significant amount of blood he had lost, they were unable to euthanize in his veins. The only option was to inject it into his heart. 

Boomer, was gone. Most importantly, free of pain. One can only imagine the pain he was going through. With all of that pain, the inability to move his back legs and the loss of blood, he made sure to pull himself up to the house to respond to his mom's call. Such a good boy he was.

In the state of Wisconsin, there is no law that covers an animal hit and run. More importantly, an animal, is merely property. Property, such as a tv, can be replaced. You can not replace an animal that you have grown to love unconditionally.  This will someday need to be addressed. 

Right now, we strive for justice. Wisconsin needs to adapt laws that protect people, animals and property from a hit and run. Public property or private. This needs to be addressed. 

In California, you would be charged with a Misdemeanor Hit and Run under the Vehicle Code 20002 VC if you:

1. Leave the scene of an accident.

2. Without first identifying yourself to the other party or parties involved.

3. Another's property was damaged in the accident. 

In this case, Boomer is the property. 

Please help us in creating this law in Wisconsin for Boomer. Maybe, in the future, this law will be here for someone else who may need it. 

It is a sad fact that nearly 1.2 million dogs are killed on the roads in a year. It's unfortunate, Boomer was in his driveway when he was struck and left to die. 

Please sign this petition to show Wisconsin, it is time for a change. 


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