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Ecuador's Amazon Rainforest to be Auction off to China's Oil Companies!: STOP THE AUCTION AND DESTRUCTION!!!

A Letter from The Next Generation:

Dear World,

I asked my mom when I was 10 where I could see a tree, her response to me was this:
 "Sweetheart a forest are where trees grow, but you cannot see them there."

When I asked her why? she simply told me they do not exists anymore. It didn't bother me at that time but as I look back now, I look back with pain in my heart.
 I can only see the vibrant leaves and the tangled branches in pictures forever still. I know you will never read this because you are long gone leaving me with only pictures to create a fantasy and not being able to see it in reality.  But if you could read this I would tell you  to protect what is left. To preserve it.
 To not sell it for oil or coal to get money, but get unlimited money from resources that you can renew like our sun.
I would tell you that every tree you chop down, every species that goes extinct,we will never ever see in real life but in the fantasy of pictures only. I would tell you that you are taking away our chance to see the beauty of something that cannot be replaced, or created.
I would tell you that every culture you destroy by relocating them off the land they have lived on for centuries, and changing their source of food and diet for the worse... you are destroying history, and identity. When history is destroyed you can never get it back and learn from it, and when you destroy someones identity you destroy who they are as a person.
I would tell you this because you did not do them, and now the ones who are living today are stuck with the choices and destruction you have created.
I wish you could have preserved and protected what cannot be replaced so people like me can see it as well.

A child you left behind.

The letter above is to bring out the issues and struggles which deforestation creates and causing. If we don't stop now  and protect what little forest we have left there is a possibility that our children, and the next generation will only get to see the beauty of nature and the forest only through photos.
 The legacy  which we all leave behind when we die is how our actions and decisions create a world where it affects the ones that are living. This means that if we help destroy and damage this world the children who are growing up now, and the children to come will have a more damaged world than we have.
BUT...if we protect and care for the world before the time is up our children and the children to come will have a better world than we did...and to me that is how it should be.


PLEASE Sign the Petition and spread the word. Make the destruction and auction of the Amazon Rain Forest Illegal my International Enivornmental Law. This will be sent to the UN enivornmental Affairs and Ecuador's President.


So please spread the word I am asking for 8 million signatures because 8 million acres will be auctions off. The Ecuador's rain forest holds 1/10ths of the world species.  If this land is sold to Oil companies that means they have the legal right to do whatever they please with the land they own. This could lead to a number of tragic possibilities. It could lead to the extinction to the variety of species that live there, and could have an impact on our oxygen quality.

Please share on Twitter witht these Tags: #generation and #1/10th and post on facebook to your friends please. It is a simple task, that will make a differences.



and To let Ecuador's President Know that he is VIOLATING his Environmental law which is Ecuador's Constitution:
Here is the Contact forum to message Ecuador's President. The Indigenous people who have lived there long before the outside world came did not agree or have taken in any part of this decision. It is there home, their right live on that land that they have lived on for centuries. Imagine if someone kicked you out of your home for no reason. Not because of economic issues but because they want to use your house for money, and not paying you a cent.
It is a Human rights as well as an Environmental Right.

In my opinion it is more of Human Right than anything else. It will only affect the Indigenous people who live on the land, but all of us. It affects all of us regardless of political stance, economic privilege, country of origin/ ethnicity, belief, race, or who we love; We all need Oxygen to live on this earth. And if three thirds of this Rain Forest disappears we will not have those trees to produce oxygen.


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