Reopen prometric centres in Pakistan for USMLE test takers

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For international medical graduates the USMLE exams need to be cleared for them to apply for residency spots in the US. Since application deadlines are close and a lot of people need to take these exams to further their careers this is developing into ja really stressful situation for a lot of individuals. 

Prometric testing centres in Pakistan have been closed indefinitely since March 2020 and nothing of note is being done to resume testing with appointments being cancelled repeatedly, further compounding the stress factor. There are many countries that have been affected by COVID-19 similarly to Pakistan and yet testing centres over there have resumed testing. On the other hand we have not been given a tentative date as to when prometric will resume testing in Pakistan. We understand that ECFMG and prometric have provided SOPs under which testing centres can resume testing and since the government of Pakistan has lifted all lockdown restrictions we do not see a reason for keeping testing centres closed.

We want the concerned authorities at ECFMG and prometric to take note and help us resolve this problem as soon as possible. We thank everyone who is willing to help us solve our problem.