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Stop the selling of live fish on Ebay

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I have literally just discovered that Ebay are selling live fish and snails etc which can be posted to anywhere. Many of these fish die in transit in little polystyrene boxes but apparently Ebay find it ok. They are starved for at least 24 hours .. up to 3 days .. before postage. Royal Mail in the UK prohibit the transit of live fish but on Ebay today there are hundreds of listings stating Royal Mail as the carrier. Surely Ebay are helping people to abuse these fish and also break the law.

If it is ok then why not start selling puppies and kittens?! They are all living, breathing creatures, be them an Alsation or a Japanese fighting fish. But according to Ebay, if the fish is less then 5cm then it is ok. Over 5cm need to collected in person or sent next day delivery .. but Ebay cannot ensure this happens. They do not mention the fact that fish are being caught in the sea and sent via post which is totally wrong on a million levels.

If you look on Ebay, fish and other Aquarium 'good's' are being sent overseas so it is obvious that their policies are not being adhered to and there is no way they can enforce them anyway.

I have been informed by someone that buys fish through Ebay that a lot of them arrive dead but according to Ebay this is fine.

Ebay also find it ok to allow the sale of live crabs and lobsters. They cannot ensure that they are over the legal landing measurements, they cannot ensure that they are not contaminated and they cannot ensure that they are not carrying eggs, so why are they continuing to sell these creatures?! Ahhhhh .. that would have to be because of the money generated I imagine.

I would like to petition Ebay to stop selling live goods at all. Thank you for taking the time to read and sign. Im sure we can make a difference.

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