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Please encourage sellers to ship with ecofriendly packing materials.. end bubble wrap culture.

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By the beginning of 2013 Ebay revenues were nearing 7.3 billion dollars per year. There are now 128 million active Ebay users. Did you know bubble wrap is at the top of the list of packaging suggestions from Ebay for every seller?  That's a lot of plastic waste if every seller follows this suggestion! This is a heavy ecological footprint, especially considering that many products do not need this level of protection during shipping. There are other more ecofriendly packaging options such as newspaper and kraft wadding. Please help petition Ebay to end the culture of bubble wrap at Ebay. We are asking them to simply stop recommending bubble wrap (not enforce a no bubble wrap policy).  If you have other ideas for Ebay about how they can end the Bubble wrap culture at Ebay, or in some other way encourage the most environmentally friendly packaing, then please leave them a comment when you sign this petition.

Here are a few examples to illustrate bubble wrap culture at ebay: 

June 26, 2014: Mark and Robin Le Vine estimate that on Ebay they’ve sold nearly 3,000 square miles of bubble wrap for a total of 1 million dollars of bubble wrap. Althoug this does not necessarily reflect the amount of bubble wrap shipped through ebay sellers and stores, many ebay sellers purchase their bubble wrap on ebay.  

"How many eBay sellers wrap their items in bubble wrap before shipping them? I know I do. Most of the things I have purchased on eBay have come to me in bubble wrap. Bubble wrap can be expensive, especially if you are not buying it in bulk or online here at eBay. I buy mine here on eBay, but I go through quite a bit of it, so the expense is considerable." Quote from Ebay published tutorial on bubble wrap


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