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Ebay, PayPal, Amazon: Stop Supporting Hate Groups

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Ebay, PayPal & Amazon support hate groups by selling their items for profit. PayPal is the bank for these groups. 

To their credit, Ebay & Amazon have deleted most Nazi items, but domestic terrorism must be addressed. 

The site carries many Confederate items, "The South Will Rise Again" items and various items celebrating Confederate leaders.

Who do you think is buying and selling these items? 

Ebay and Amazon are actively supporting racist sellers and buyers, with the help of paypal. It's time for these companies to stop cashing in on hate in America.

ALL items containing the following should be removed permanently: The South Will Rise Again, anything with the Confederate flag, anything celebrating Confederate 'heros'. This includes flags, shirts, keychains, stickers, license plates, koozies, cups, hats, etc...    (Not including books, music or films. NO artist censorship.)

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* Final petition will be printed and emailed from lawyer to PayPal, eBay & Amazon. They like to hide out by not providing any phone numbers or email addresses.

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