eBay May Have Falsely Advertised Service to Sellers SNAD

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This petition argues that the marketing and advertising eBay used from 2010 to 2019 to draw sellers misrepresented the actual environment created by their terms of service and business practices.  

eBay has advertised itself as a site which empowers everyday people to sell and buy on their website.  Its marketing encourages the novice seller to feel comfortable quickly and easily getting on the platform.  Between 2012 and 2019 eBay modified its terms and began placing increasingly commercial expectations on sellers, who by their amateur nature, and how they were led to the site, did not possess the profit margins, legal backgrounds, and resources necessary to succeed in the environment that eBay created.  

With more pressure being put on sellers to keep up with the demands of a highly competitive and commercial marketplace, which supports a publicly-traded stock, many sellers have become vulnerable, and unprepared to comply with terms that place unattainable expectations on the used goods they are asked to sell, oftentimes, causing them to lose their products and money through an anonymous process that offers them no transparency.

eBay requires participants to sign firm terms of service for how they must conduct business, but this petition argues that the company advertised a casual market for used items to amateur sellers, that was fraught with risk and unrealistic commercial standards, while also profiting from fees despite the success or failure of participants.

Sellers and buyers are encouraged to sign and share examples of how circumstances they found themselves in contradicted the market that eBay advertised.  Participants are invited to describe instances in which they were forced to operate similar to a high-profit corporation, such as being responsible for guarantees, assurances, and other forms of risk protection that they were ill-equipped to offer for used goods, being expected to carry safety margins in the event unsatisfied buyers filed a claim, which is 100% guaranteed eBay, regardless of validity, were legally defenseless when wrongfully accused of misrepresenting or not delivering an item, or not protected by eBay when fraudulently taken advantage of for any other reason.