Bring Back Support Person after Birth Women's Health

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On April 2nd 2020, It was announced that the support person to women giving birth would be cut out AFTER the child is born.

Mother's would be then sent to the 5th floor alone with their baby until released to go home.

This is a detrimental decision that should not of been made lightly.

Postpartum depression is very different from the “baby blues,” a heightened emotional state that can hit 80% or more of new moms in the first days after the baby is born.

Many expecting mothers have had to attend ultrasounds, OBGYN visits alone in the past weeks due to Covid19.

Many women are experiencing high blood pressure, anxiety and depression.

It is also noted the importance of skin to skin contact with the partner and baby. The benefits of skin-to-skin contact with dad/partner include bonding with their baby, feeling more confident as a father/partner and feeling a surge of protectiveness toward their baby. Dads/Partners can also pass on the same benefits as moms do in terms of helping to regulate their baby's temperature and heartbeat.
We are asking the minster, premier and chief medical to reevaluate this decision as one choice can leave a lasting effect on health of new moms.

Eastern Health is properly screening anyone into the building and should reconsider this life changing decision.

We the public would like evidence showing  how a partners extended presence is shown to increase risk in the last 24hours for this decision to me made.