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My darling FB family and friends,

I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! We NEED to come together to save a lonely pup who has been unjustly jailed for over 100 days in a cold lonely and solitary metal prison!!! This is not just ANY dog.....this is my beloved BRUCIE and that makes this situation VERY PERSONAL!!!


BRUCIE is a130 lbs, 8 years old, Great Dane/lab/Rottie/Pony mix who is the true embodiment of a gentle giant.  He not only craves human attention and physical contact, he NEEDS IT and I don't know a single person who could resist his handsome looks and the funny faces he pulls to charm you and subsequently, trick you into throwing his ball which comes in a very very very close second favorite after 'getting loving'! BRUCIE has never been isolated in his life not for a single day and now he’s in prison???  Behind bars???  He has done NOTHING wrong so why are they still keeping him and why don't they release him??? No one will answer our questions but why???  People who know BRUCIE (including me) joke that even though he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed but a very simple ole fella who has a deep soul and a magical personality that makes it impossible not to fall in love with him. Knowing BRUCIE we fear he has probably shut down in the shelter and who wouldn't, dog or human, when imprisoned in an iron cage for 4 months???  For that entire time authorities have refused to give any information on him, about him and most importantly his health and I will tell you why! BRUCIE has health issues because he was hit by a car many years ago causing him to 'lean' sideways and he MUST sleep on an orthopedic bed as well as needing pain meds in order to not be in severe pain. His liver panel was also high at his last blood test and the shelter has not responded to any questions about these health issues and that pisses the fuck out of me!!! To think that he is possibly sitting there in solitary confinement (they have him in the locked quarantine building and not even volunteers are allowed in there!) lonely and in pain is just too much and I for one can not sit aside any longer waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for even an attempt at ANY resolution to this poor ole fella's future!!!

I beg of you all to please sign this petition AND to call the East Valley Animal Shelter and LAPD so that Brucie does not fall through the cracks because it truly seems like he is!  ONE OFFICER HAS ALREADY ADMITTED THAT IT’S LIKELY BRUCE WILL DIE IN THE SHELTER AT THIS RATE.  I am bawling my head off as I write this and again, I beg of you, help me free BRUCIE and also to share this boy’s story with your family and friends as well as signing the petition and calling the numbers listed below and please keep it polite and courteous. We need BRUCIE’s story to go viral.  Thank you my beloved FB family and friends...and also army! Now let’s join forces and FREE BRUCIE!!!!!


Plaster Facebook.  Bombard the shelter and any other authorities with calls and emails.  DO NOT LET BRUCE FALL THROUGH THE CRACKS AND DIE IN THE SHELTER!

East Valley Animal Shelter 818-756-9323 Impound # A1541912

ANIMAL CRUELTY TASK FORCE 24-hour notification hotline 213-486-0450


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