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Hi I’m Teddi and alongside my mum Georgie we could really really use everyones help , to save a innocent life . We recently rescued a miniature piglet who is now named arlo. Similar to most pigs whether they are in or out of slaughter houses he was kept in sickening conditions alongside his brothers and sisters who had been so poorly treated they had mostly become ill and now only had the purpose of being slaughtered. We wish we could have saved them all unfortunately we don’t have the funding or land to do so . Therefore we decided that if one of their precious lives could be saved it may make the tiniest impact if not on the animal rights movement maybe on our selves, but after nurturing arlo from the point where u couldn’t be within a metre of him without him screaming to the point where he now sleeps next to my mum every night in complete trust I believe that anyone vegan vegetarian or otherwise who could spend even a day with my innocent Arlo they would find the empathy to know that he does not belong on someone’s plate . But although a majority of people believe Arlo deserves a happy and settled life clarion housing does not and they have given us two weeks to remove Arlo from the property before they do. This is due to a neighbour reporting Arlos presence although he has and never would do anything to harm anything or anyone? What he does do is stops my mums mental health from deteriorating he helps subdue my panic attacks and stressful episodes by burrowing close to us this is not an animal that deserves to be thrown in a slaughter house so please if u don’t believe in saving all of them I’m begging u to find a place in your soul for just one .

We believe that enough signatures on this petition could defend the one complaint that has caused this unjustified course of action to be made . 1000 pigs are killed every hour in a slaughterhouse , signing this takes two minutes please don’t let Arlo become one of the thousand .

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