United in Objection, Together for Progress   This petition highlights serious local environment concerns raised by B & K Universal's application to extend their laboratory Beagle breeding facility, and focuses on up-to-date scientific knowledge supported by MPs in Parliament, who are calling for experiments on animals to be held to account with properly moderated, public scientific debates.
Letter to
Planning Department East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Re: Yorkshire Evergreen (13/03244/STPLF)

To Whom It May Concern,

I write to East Riding of Yorkshire Council ("The Planning Authority") with regards to the above cited applications ("The Applications") by B&K Universal Ltd, trading as Yorkshire Evergreen Ltd, ("The Applicants") to expand their beagle breeding farm at Grimston, East Yorkshire ("The Proposed Development").

If granted permission, The Applications will cause much short and long-term disruption to the local area. The construction phase of The Applications is set to last from January until November 2014, over the period of 10 months. [1] Such will involve regular deliveries of construction materials to, and the attendance of contractors at, The Proposed Development. Grimston Road does not have the capacity to handle such intensity in use as it is a narrow, winding lane. Additionally, Grimston Road is the only entrance point to The Proposed Development and all traffic will, as a result, pass through the small village of Grimston.

Further, The Applications are not in the local or national interest.

The East Riding coastal region is highly dependent on tourism as an income and much investment has been placed into this industry over recent years. From 2009 hitherto, it is estimated that this particular sector brings £300 million of income per annum into the region. [2]

However, The Applications are very high profile - with regular national media coverage and demonstrations expected - and therefore place the region's reputation into disrepute through adverse publicity. In comparison, the income generated by The Applicants is estimated to be only a fraction of this sum - £78,245 per annum [3] - with the majority being taken out of the area through The Applicants American-based parent company, Marshall BioResources.

Secondly, Humberside Police will have the responsibility of policing The Proposed Development. [4] In recent months, the force has faced budget cuts of £30 million with 850 jobs being lost. Policing costs at other establishments in the same line of business as The Applicants has cost millions [5] and it is doubtful that Humberside Police can handle such an added burden.

Additionally, the Public Planning Inquiry in 2003, concerning a similar proposal for a primate experimentation facility at the University of Cambridge, found that construction of such a laboratory was not in the national interest. [6] This precedent ruling was made on the strength of expert scientific evidence presented by doctors and scientists, who demonstrated how up-to-date understanding of evolutionary biology and complexity science explains why results from animal experiments can not be translated to humans. [7 - 8] This scientific position is further confirmed by an Open Letter against The Applications written by Ray Greek MD, president of the board of scientists who comprise the world's leading authority against the misapplication of veterinary knowledge (gained through animal experiments) to human medicine. Indeed, this up-to-date understanding of evolutionary biology is gaining support in Parliament through MPs who are signing EDM 263, as well as a cross-party group of MPs who have written to the Home Affairs Select Committee, submitting scientific evidence illustrated by the seminal work Animal Models in Light of Evolution (2009) Shanks PhD and Greek MD. Pharmaceutical companies also acknowledge the failure of animal models in their drug development process and write about this often and openly in the scientific literature. As such, the wider medical industry is moving away from the animal model - towards human-based science - and facilities such as B&K Universal are redundant. [9-11]

For the aforementioned reasons, I respectfully request that The Planning Authority refuse permission for The Applications.


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