Stop the Park Road Rat Run - fatality waiting to happen

Stop the Park Road Rat Run - fatality waiting to happen

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James Brewster started this petition to Jim Fletcher (Provest)

Oh my Gosh you almost killed Kenny! Make Giffnock greater (and safer)

As a result of the Corona virus our streets have never been safer in recent times. There is less traffic using the Park Road / Elliot & Rowand avenue ‘rat run’ to avoid the traffic lights on Fenwick Road. This has been to the good of the neighbourhood and many have rejoiced at the tranquillity that this has brought about.

That said there are still some who use the route at speed and endanger the lives of young children who are playing on the street. There is a concern that this is a fatality waiting to happen and when lockdown restrictions are lifted and ‘normal service’ resumed, cars again will regularly speed along our street and potentially cause a significant accident.

Cars have been witnessed accelerating at speeds greater than 40mph. My youngest son stepped out in front of a car last week, narrowly avoiding being struck. It is now my priority to escalate this issue.

This petition has been raised to campaign for a row of bollards across Park Road down from the OP / Sainsburys (suggested co-ordinates 55.802067, -4.296039). This would prevent all vehicles with the exception of bicycles travelling down park street (side note: bicycles do not emit carbon gasses).

The primary reasons for considering this traffic restriction in this residential area are considered to be as follows:

  • Cars on a daily basis can be seen to be speeding along Rowand Avenue and Park Road, benefiting from the newly surfaced road and short cut to avoid traffic lights.
  • Cars can be seen to speed along Elliot Avenue (which suffers from congestion and parking problems), this has led to cars being damaged over the years with scrapes and wing mirrors being removed, often with passing vehicles not stopping to confess to the incident.
  • There are many new families on the various streets with young children who are learning about road safety and are considered vulnerable to high speed traffic on their door steps. Many older residents have noticed that there are now “more young children living on the street than ever”.
  • Modern day cars are quieter and quicker to accelerate. As such with the increased number of children around, it is assessed that the potential for a fatality in the neighbourhood is now more likely than ever.

The new proposal to block Park Road is considered to have a number of benefits - these include:

  1. Prevents cars, vans and motor bikes from using the ‘back’ streets as a ‘rat run’. As such it minimises the potential for a road traffic accident / fatality in the neighbourhood.
  2. Allows for a through road to remain at Elliot and Rowand Avenues. This maintains ease of access for residents and emergency vehicles as well as the lane of Elliot Avenue for sake of deliveries for local shops. Critically the proposal maintains two means of access to the area which will be bollarded off.
  3. It would be highly cost effective to implement the solution and there is believed to be enough resident buy in for the cost to be shared within the local community if there is no appetite or budget to spend the money within East Renfrewshire Council.

Efforts have already been made to engage with residents on the various streets concerned. All residents approached were unanimously in favour of this proposal. This Petition is therefore to document the support for the idea and use as a mechanism for engaging with key stakeholders in the decision process.

By signing this petition, it highlights that you are keen to establish a safer neighbourhood for young and old to ‘play’ within as soon as possible.

The undersigned keen for the solution to be implemented before the Scottish Parliament elections on the 6 May 2021. This would represent great engagement with the community if it was.

Please take the time for every member of your house to sign the proposal and feel free to forward on to conscientious friends and family too.

For that we thank you for taking the time to sign. Stay safe - stay sane in lockdown.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!