Stop the plans for 10 huge broiler chicken sheds in Rushden!

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PLEASE Help stop Rushden and the surrounding area from smelling FOUL!

10 large broiler sheds (chicken sheds) are planned for Rushden. Cramming 540000 chickens in to sheds giving each less than an A4 sized piece of paper (0.05sq ft) to live for their short, painful lives before being slaughtered.  Bedfordia farms have previously been found guilty in an expose of animal rights abuses.

You can also PLEASE visit the planning application website and register your object to the broiler farm in Rushden. It will only take you a minute.  17/01328/FUL

- This is a vile practice and should be stopped the cruelty is beyond measure and its heartbreaking!

- The vista will be completely ruined.

- Traffic Management; there will be a huge increase in Lorrys bringing in new 'stock' and taking away the finished 'product' plus waste management lorries, other supply lorries and staff this could clog up local roads and the A6.

- The smell from the sheds will be horrendous from the poultry waste plus the increased traffic fumes.

- Air pollution from the ammonia particularly during the 10 day cleaning cycle; and when mixed with the diesel fumes can be very harmful. There are serious concerns for peoples health with Ammonium Nitrate.

- Noise pollution from the sheds will be quite pervasive across the open lands, and there will be noisy fans running, vehicle noise and other machinery almost 24 hours.

- Light pollution from the increased traffic at all hours and probably from the surrounds of the shed to provide staff and security lighting.

- House prices will drop due to their proximity to this monstrosity, for all the reasons above. Who wants to live near that?

- Water pollution from the cleaning process and the waste from any run off water etc that soaks in to the ground.

This can't happen! Lets stop it in its tracks....