East Lothian Council - Drop the £10k Charge for Expenses, awarded to you by a corrupt Employment Tribunal, for a case which they Prejudiced; and therefore, never took place.

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My would be Whistle Blowing hearing was prejudiced by the employment tribunal when they overturned previous judicial rulings (judicial misconduct), to allow East Lothian Council to provide witness statements, instead of giving evidence in chief, (which is the norm in Scotland).

This meant that witnesses could only be questioned on the contents of their statements and what they chose to put in them.  The council would not be questioned on the years of (alleged), financial mismanagement, which was the reason for my many disclosures.

To add insult to injury the council has now applied for costs against me. This would be the cost of them defending the indefensible, had the hearing gone ahead.

 It took the employment tribunal 20 months of trying, to completely prejudice my proposed hearing and then have my claims struck out.

The "tribunal", decided that i should pay £10,000.00 pounds expenses to the allegedly corrupt Council, for a hearing that never took place; and a case which took their expensive lawyers, (and the tribunal its-self), almost two years to have struck out.

So, there you have it folks.  Your Council can be as corrupt as they like, you will not get a hearing; and if you persist, then the equally allegedly corrupt employment tribunal will award costs or expenses against you. 

They will both take particular pleasure in knowing that you cannot pay.  They will then send in the Sheriff Officers who will give you less than 14 days to pay in full. 

So, on the 5th May 2017 (if you are in Scotland), when they ask you to vote in the Council elections, i would like you to remember me.  Think long and hard before you vote for any of them; remember that it was your vote and mine, which gave them the mandate to do this.

Remember to that East Lothian Council is a LABOUR Council, a LABOUR Council, no wonder they have fallen from grace in Scotland. 

As for all of the other parties on East Lothian Council, well they are no better; the SNP could have stopped this at any time, if they had wanted to.

What of the serious allegations of financial misconduct that  I raised, they were not "investigated", as claimed by the Council.  In fact, quite the opposite is true, they were covered up.

I have received no justice!

Please support this petition, sending a clear message that the council and the employment tribunal are not above the law (even though they clearly believe that they are).  East Lothian Council's application for costs and the awarding of them, is an affront to justice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would be grateful if you would forward the link onto your friends, so that they too can support this petition.

Thank you!

Theresa Sives

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