Owners against ELDC Kingfisher Caravan Park’s unjust rules and proposed scheme

Owners against ELDC Kingfisher Caravan Park’s unjust rules and proposed scheme

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Jordan Hugill started this petition to East Lindsey District Council and

Due to the proposed schemes by East Lindsey District Council and the Kingfisher Caravan Park in Ingoldmells, hundreds of owners will be left with no choice but to scrap, upgrade or abandon their static caravan holiday homes.

The new proposed rules are:
1: There will be yearly inspections on caravans older than 15 years, there is no criteria disclosed for these inspections, just stated “If they do not pass the inspections the caravans will be removed” these will not be independent inspections, but done by the newly soon to be qualified park manager himself.

2: There will be a new age limit of 20 years maximum for caravans, this means hundreds of owners will be forced to remove their beloved homes or upgrade to a new model, even upgrading to a new model the cheapest new models start from £45,000 which means you will have an extra minimum incurred cost of £2,250 a year put on top of your ground rent and expenses. For most people this is a unaffordable cost to maintain.

3: There will be a newly applied levy of £400 for owners who rent their homes out and extra fees for water, sewerage and waste management which were previously included in your ground rent. They will also be offering internet packages available for owners to purchase and an extra incurred £35 fee for any owner who does not use the parks insurance broker to insure their caravan.

4: From 2020 they are refusing owners who hire there holiday homes out to not advertise and also to remove all adverts and signs from there caravans which indicate so and From 2021, they will deny anybody a licence to rent their holiday homes out privately unless they register under a new scheme whereby East Lindsey District Council will take a commission fee.

5: Kingfisher Caravan Park will also be bringing in there own rental fleet which holiday makers will see a rise in hire costs and be affected.

6: East Lindsey District Council propose to limit owners to a maximum of four caravans. For some current owners this will mean they are required to sell or transfer their caravans to alternate sites, if an alternative site will accept their caravan, which most caravans are not transferable to other parks over 10 years of age making this impossible for some owners to transfer to another site and being forced to upgrade or scrap their beloved holiday homes.

7: Kingfisher Caravan Park will no longer allow private sales of caravans in excess of 10 years old, they will require the caravan to be sold directly to them at a reduced cost. Kingfisher caravan park will also be taking a 15% commission of all sales and transfers of caravans.

8: There will also be restrictions on upgrading your caravan without the parks permission first and also giving your caravan away, even if your inherit your caravan following a death you will not be automatically entitled to carry on the current licence unless the parks management is reasonably satisfied with whomever is taking the caravan on. The new rules also constitute of anybody currently having a wooden/metal veranda

9: Tradesmen will no longer be allowed to work on caravans on the park unless they are registered on the parks approved contractor scheme, this scheme will be monitored and controlled by the park management whom will determine who will be allowed on the scheme.

10: Kingfisher will refuse independent providers for gas bottles from 2020 and all gas bottles will have to be sourced from the caravan park itself, they are also refusing you to purchase you gas bottles from outside sources and bring them on site.

11: From 2020 they will not permit any verandas/decking units/steps to be constructed from wood/metal and any existing units must be removed by the 1st January 2020. Some owners have only had their units recently renewed and some have even been given permission for new unit with no limitations less than a few weeks ago.

Points of interest:
New owners who have bought their caravans in the last year have been misled by the management team and allowed to purchase caravans with no mention of these drastic rule changes. Some have bought caravans over 15 years old believing that subject to them staying in an acceptable condition they could stay sited for many years.

Many owners had had recent and expensive renovations on their caravans within the last 12 months and now been given no option but to scrap their caravan due to being unable to transfer to other parks or being forced to upgrade leaving themselves in debt.

Many caravan hirers will lose their livelihood and businesses due to these changes being forced to remove or down grade their fleet, seriously impacting their financial income, kingfishers own fleet and forced rental management scheme will also see a rise in hire costs severely affecting holiday makers making some completely unable to go away due to it being unaffordable.

Many local businesses and trades have already had a severe impact due to these notices, owners are unfortunately cancelling work such as renovations and policies due panicking about not being able to stay on the park due the forced the removal, upgrade or disposal of their beloved caravans.

Many owners have already started to give up their beloved holiday homes due to fear and stress generated by the park management, many of these owners have been on the park for decades, some owners suffer with long term or terminal illnesses which prevent them from going abroad meaning this is the only holiday they are able to have and spend some quality time with their families.

We wish to prevent these new changes from happening and for the Kingfisher Caravan Park to keep up with the promises that they have made over the last few years which include; improve drainage on site, upgrade the on site Wi-Fi, better children’s park and activities, longer term licenses and to scrap the annual license which allows them to change the rules every year.

These somewhat draconian new rules will have a negative effect on the health & well-being of numerous caravan owners, their families, their guests plus the loss of trade to the local economy will be very noticeable.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!