Catchment Schools for Catchment Kids

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East Dunbartonshire Council are wanting to change the catchment requirements for pupils attending secondary schools.

East Dunbartonshire Primary School Children to be denied a place at their local Secondary Schools

  • Children living in East Dunbartonshire attending a local primary school will compete against each other for a place at their local secondary schools.
  • Priority will be given to pupils living closest to the school
  • Children living furthest away will be sent away from their local areas to schools in other towns.
  • This could have a huge impact on primary school pupils, families and our local communities

Please help stop this proposal

We are asking the council to: 

  • Guarantee all catchment children a place in their local secondary school.
  • Say no to transporting kids to schools in different towns further away.
  • Remove the unfair / discriminatory distance criteria in their proposals 

For those who live in East Dunbartonshire, it is really important you take time to fill in the Council's consultation and list why you object to their proposals to changing the catchment requirements.