Petitioning East Bay Zoological Society (EBZS) Board of Trustees

Save Knowland Park! Abandon your theme park expansion on Knowland Park's ridgeline.


Oakland Zoo management plans to build a 50+ structure theme park on Knowland Park's ridgeline. If the development goes forward, rich biologically diverse wild parkland will be lost forever, the public and wildlife will lose access to the park's ridgeline and trails, and Oakland taxpayers will be burdened with long-term debt, now and far into the future.

Letter to
East Bay Zoological Society (EBZS) Board of Trustees
It is vital to protect Oakland’s dwindling native wildlife habitat and preserve Knowland Park's rare wildland and open space for future generations. The East Bay Zoological Society (EBZS) Board of Trustees must step back from this ill-conceived and destructive development plan that will bulldoze biodiverse habitats and wipe out many threatened and rare CA native plants and grasslands. The scale and cost of this expansion are enormous, both environmentally and fiscally. EBZS has never presented any independent financial feasibility study for this project. Last year the zoo sought a 25-year parcel tax, claiming it could not afford to care for its animals or maintain the zoo. Oakland taxpayers cannot afford to subsidize the cost and maintenance of this extravagant expansion that will double the size of the current zoo.

We ask EBZS to open its books to public scrutiny, reconsider this plan, and work toward a sustainable expansion that serves an authentic conservation goal: preserving native California wildlife habitat.

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