Connie Bernard Must Resign From the East Baton Rouge School Board

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Connie Bernard, Board Member for District 8 of the East Baton Rouge Parish School District, was caught shopping on her laptop during a discussion to change the name of Lee High School which was named after confederate general Robert E. Lee. Two weeks prior, she was filmed during an interview saying that she hopes that supporters of the name change, "would learn a little bit more about general lee." A condescending and ignorant statement to make given our knowledge of what the confederacy represented. 

She also was charged with battery back in 2018 for choking a teenage boy on camera inside of his own home. This is completely and utterly unprofessional behavior to be displayed by an elected official and instead of being on the board, she should be in jail. She showed the general public what kind of person she is and we must believe her! She resigned as Vice President of the East Baton Rouge School Board in 2018. Let us continue to the pressure to make her resign from the board altogether.