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Remove Jamie McFazdean from a quiet street, and rehome his poor dog. No animal should suffer like this, and neither should the families (and school) in such close proximity to him.

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So after 96hrs of leaving his dog inside with no food, water or toilet facilities while he went out to get high and ended up in hospital and refused the police to enter his house to let the dog out, Mr Jamie McFadzean strikes again. The postman was in the block, his dog darted out his front door across the street and attacked another dog in plain view of the street, passers by, and the traffic that stopped to avoid hitting his poor neglected pet. People had to throw water and juice and hit it with a paper for it to release its grip on the other dog. Then he simply went back inside without saying a word. Absolute f**king sh**e and I'm stick to the back teeth of it. I've to walk past his door to get access to my flat, what if it attacked Cody who's just 5 months old, or Bella?! Seems no-one will do anything about it and it's all procedures. Look at the poor thing cower when he drags it back inside, would you like to be stuck inside a crack den?! TAKE THE DOG OFF HIM AND EVICT HIM!!!!! Scottish SPCA DO SOMETHING!!! Your Ref Numbers: C13752, C10423. Police Scotland Ref Numbers: 0212 (19/11/15), 3232 (20/11/15), 2679 (21/11/15), 1012 (25/11/15)

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Below is our diary we have been keeping on this nightmare neighbour:

Neighbour was arrested after ignoring chaps at the door from Police. Eventually they gained entry after shouting “we seen you at the window!”. He started shouting in the landing when he was led out. His dog was also barking, and all this woke Cody up.

 Dog barking all day, due to being left alone. His “friends” come round and press all the buzzers to try and gain entry. Again, Cody gets woken up.

All Day
“Friends” still ringing our buzzer to gain entry, along with the door barking all day due to still being left alone (for over 24hrs now), not let out for a pee, fed or anything as its “owner” is in jail.

“owner” comes back, dog barking in landing, he starts shouting at it at the top of his voice, slamming his door shut, waking Cody up and stinking out the landing (which comes into our home!) with cigarette smoke.

Morning & Afternoon
Neighbours dog acting aggressive (barking, trying to run at her, hackles up) while she was out for a pee. He just walked off, no apologies and left the landing door open, propped open by the matt. “Secure Entry?”
By 12.20 the buzzer has went off 3 times. Door propped open again, and rain getting into the landing, causing large puddles.

Landing door propped open once again, landing has large puddles and is very slippery.

Took Bella out for a pee and neighbours dog was barking and scratching at the door. Video evidence attached. On site of the dog, it has lost mass amounts of weight. Reported animal neglect to SSPCA. Ref C10423

Neighbour out all day, left dog alone in house, barking and howling all day.

Police attended neighbours home as he “lost his money” when he went to the “shop for milk”. It’s a 2 min walk! Again dog barking all day when he decides to venture out.

11pm – 4am
Dog barking all night, neighbour took dog out for a pee, fell over the dog, hit the dog and started shouting at it. Dog was barking in the landing and again he started shouting at it at the top of his voice. He came in/out/in/out around 2am banging the doors constantly, and his dog was scratching the door all night. I called and reported the matter to the Police. Police Ref: 0212 of 19/11/15.

Day & Night
Dog barking and clawing at the door all day, neighbour has not been in all day. Dog has no toilet facilities or feeding facilities. This is totally unacceptable yet no response from the Police nor the SSPCA. Once again called the Police and the SSPCA. Police Ref: 3232 of 20/11/15. SSPCA Ref: C13752

All Day
Dog barking all day, received a call from an SSPCA Inspector Laurie, who had found out the neighbour was in hospital. Called the Police who went to the hospital and asked for his keys to let the dog out. He refused. No longer a Police issue as he has refused, so the Police cannot do anything?! SSPCA Inspector will come out tomorrow and see what will happen. She stated that legally they can’t get a warrant to remove the dog till Monday. Dog has been left for over 72hrs now, approaching 96hrs. No food or water, apart from 3 cans of dog food we put through his letterbox to feed the poor thing.

Once again, no sign of the owner. Had to feed dog through the letterbox again. The neighbours ‘partner’ then came round, not to let the dog out but to tidy his house for the inspector coming tomorrow, she’s obviously has contact with the inspector. Had a phonecall with an update from Inspector Laurie of the SSPCA. She said that she’ll be out tomorrow to inspect his home. My fiancé had seen the dog when the partner eventually took the dog out. Stick and bones. The dog used to be a well fed bulky German Shepard. Her priority was obviously cleaning the house before attending to the dog that has been stuck inside for 96 hours. Neighbour came back 5 mins before the inspector arrived, still hasn’t let the dog out since yesterday 3pm. The inspector said because the dog looks well and doesn’t cower or flinch then its fine and she can’t progress further. Reported to Chief Inspector Mackintosh.

Around 12pm today, the postman came in the block of flats. He chapped my door because the items were too large to fit through the letterbox. The neighbour also opened his door, and his neglected dog ran out onto the street, across the road and attacked another dog. This was in plain view of the full street and all cars passing. The owner then ran out in his underwear and tried to pull his dog off the other dog. Bypassers had to throw water and juice over the dog to release its grip of the other dog. He simply disappeared inside while everyone was standing there and traffic was stopped. Again, reported to the Police and the SSPCA. Police Ref: 1012 of 25/11/15. SSPCA Ref: Added to C13752.Emails sent out to Chris McAcaleavy & Katie Kelly (Chief Housing Officers)

Neighbour banging around in the landing, and have had reports of him being up the town with suitcases and the dog, he stated that he was moving out today. There was a van on hire sitting outside, but Mr McFazdean was taking stuff in the flat and not out. Also received a reply from Katie Kelly, which I was unhappy about so I replied to her explaining why. General banging and noises, I think his “friend” now lives in the flat, as we havn’t seen Mr McFazdean, but seen someone else at the window. I also called the SSPCA for an update on the case, and it’s been closed, so I requested it to be reviewed by the Acting Chief Inspector Knowles, who will begin his investigation on Monday as the outcome is not satisfactory. The SSPCA deemed the dog fine only because it was us who fed it for 4 days, to keep it alive! Mr McFazdean is living with his partner in Ayr, called Laura Graham.

Afternoon & Evening
Went over to the shop and discovered Mr McFazdean’s friend who’s currently living at his address had propped the door open with a book. Despite a letter from the Housing Officer that clearly stated it breaks the door. Also had an interaction with Mr McFazdean on Facebook in which he states he will be getting  retribution for what has happened, and he won’t be “run out his house” despite stating previously he was moving. He also stated he gave the dog up to the SSPCA, but the SSPCA can’t comment until Wednesday of next week due to the investigation. Due to having a small child in my home, his threats have caused me fear and alarm, and I have reported this to the Police under Ref 2366 (28/11/15)


As you can see, over the past 4 weeks it's been a nightmare. There is no end to this man's cruelty. Change it now.

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