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Earth to EPA: Bees need help now

In the last four months, 1.2 million people around the world have raised their voices on behalf of honey bees – urging officials to take decisive, precautionary action by suspending a suspect class of pesticides (neonicotinoids) known to undermine honey bee immunity.   

Following the “leaked memo” in December, 10,000+ PAN supporters petitioned EPA to pull clothianidin (a neonicotinoid) until the science supporting its registration is re-done right and in partnership with practicing beekeepers.

EPA responded, agreeing to move up their review of this family of pesticides and improve the science behind bee decisions (which is good!), while declining to take action on a timeline that will be meaningful for bees or beekeepers. We don’t have the 5+ years it will take for either of these decisions to play out – EPA needs to hear this. Join the global movement to protect bees by signing this petition, and learning more about the issue.

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