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Eagle Pet Center in Shakopee, MN. The animals need rescue and the store needs to be shut down!

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The animals in this "pet store" are in what can only be described as vile and horrific conditions. They are over crammed in plastic/glass tanks & aquariums with no food, no water, and they receive no care or vetting. The store itself is in deplorable condition and has water damage everywhere, electrical cords exposed and hanging out of ceilings, no air conditioning and so forth. The smell is foul, horrific and can be smelled from down the block. Animals are sick, dying and left to sit there dead in cages amongst the living animals. (See picture of the dead rat amongst the living). The mayor and the city, along with the Humane Society say their hands are tied and nothing illegal is being done. How this man manages to stay open and pass fire and coding inspections is beyond the people of the community. This should NOT be allowed to go on. This is a health hazard to all and cruelty to animals! 

I encourage you to see the pictures of this pet store and join the community that has gathered to put the pressure on the city and state by viewing the Facebook page "No more animals at Eagle Pet Center" for more detailed information. Here's there Link:

As of July 22, 2013 The Facebook Page Administrators are asking the following: We have a need task! We need to construct letters and direct them to the inbox of the Minnesota Federated Humane Society. They are NOT the same as the humane society. You can find their page here: . The letters need to describe your experience with this store. Examples: you had a bad experience buying a sick animal, you saw the horrific conditions, you have seen the conditions for years. Anything and everything! These letters will be used to show the judge the mass number of people that are fed up with this situation. We need as many as possible!

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Minnesota Statute 325F.79 requires ALL dogs and cats to be examined by a vet before being sold to the public. If you buy a dog or cat from a breeder or pet store, make sure you demand to see the veterinarian report BEFORE you buy! Better yet, ADOPT a dog or cat from your local humane society or rescue group!

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