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EA: Use the code Lucas Arts made for Battlefront 3.

Many of us grew up on this game... for some it was the cornerstone of our childhoods for others a casual game to play with friends or by yourself. Many people found comfort in the game franchise and never doubted and got bored of it. This is by far one of the best game franchises in history for me and for many of you as well... If everyone just signed and stop saying it wouldn't work, this COULD work. Please sign and help this escalate into something great that will be remembered for a long time. I plan on fighting for this no matter what happens, are you with me? If yes then sign this thing and lets do this! If not then please don't spout insults and call me an idiot simply ignore it and have a nice day. 

Cheers, Apatrick

Letter to
We are wanting to finish battlefront 3 considering many people have grown up on this game and really want one more game. There is the interest and money to be made, its already done for you. Just finish the 1% and release it, easy cash and a bunch of happy fans. People show their support just by seeing how fast this had gone up to over 3K. Just look at some of the fans comments.

"i grew up with battlefront and would love to see a third"
- christian olinger

"I swear by the 6 holy divines if this work of art is never finished I will take to worshipping Talos"
- Tyrion Lannister

I purchased Bafflefront 1 and 2. Of the many titles produced under the Star Wars licence the Battlefront games were the two that best captured what Star Wars was about.

"Also as the most demanded game from fans not doing this would be a major let down to them. What better way for Disney to reassure Star Wars fans that the franchise they love so much is in good hands than by finishing the game they have wanted since the release of Battlefront 2."
- Mark Redelman

These are just 3 of over three thousand people who really want this game. Please consider it and if you need reassurance go to reddit or facebook, i'm sure you'll find some proof there.

Thanks and Cheers, Apatrick