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Remove Momentum/Scripting/Handicap From FIFA

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FIFA is a football game, and like all sports games, it is a game of competition, a game where you can test your skills, your limits and push some new boundaries. 

Except it's not quite like that. 

FIFA 12/13/14 are all flawed, by a system EA SPORTS have added to the game called 'Momentum', essentially it is just a handicap. Why the hell do they add a handicap into FIFA? Is it not a game of skill? A game that can shift at any given moment because of a wonderful through ball? So why does it feel like at times, I can't even pass, I can't even dribble sideways or backwards with the ball? Why, EA? 

Everyone have clicked on now, 45th and 90th minute goals shouldn't be happening every game. I suggest we all sign this petition and send it off to them. And we should also add a promise.

We will not buy FIFA until they remove the handicap. 

Just a few examples

1. Your star strikers will not make any kind of run for a through ball, if they done that in a real game they would be sacked.

2 .Your star strikers cannot hit a barn door from a yard away, the post and bar are as near as your get to a goal.

3. When your striker finally gets put through he is over taken by inferior and slower defenders coming in from all directions

4. Throwons and goalkeeper throwouts suddenly become inpossible because your players will not move into space and you find youself almost fenced in.

5. Your big powerfull defender makes a perfect tackle but the ball bounces straight back to their striker, so you try again and again and like a magnet the ball just sticks to the forward.

6. Your 83 Gold Team 100% chemistry full fitness is beaten 3-0 by a bronze team with no manager, 40% chemistry and low fitness without you getting a shot on target.

7. Your opponents bronze defender scores from 35 yards when he hasnt had another shot all game.

8. Your opponent cannot score from open play so you strangely concede from a corner.

9. Your top goalkeeper starts pushing weak shots that he would normally just catch out for corners, see no.8.

10. Your star keeper suddenly loves to parry the ball straight into the path of a grateful striker.

11 You concede from a cross although you have 4 top defenders in the box but his loan bronze superstar towers above the lot and burries it.

Thanks to 66davkins for them examples. 

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