To EA SPORTS: I am signing to confirm that i will stop buying EA s FIFA video games in the future until you take away the handicap imposed on me and my opponents

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To EA SPORTS: I am signing to confirm that i will stop buying EA s FIFA video games in the future until you take away the handicap imposed on me and my opponents

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I am here signing to confirm that i will stop buying EA Sports FIFA franchise video games in the future until they take away the handicap imposed on me and my opponent in my favour or against during matches in various modes within the game.


EA has never made it official that this element is in FIFA but 99% of the game community know its present in the game and obviously the developers team knows it. Its referred to also as Momentum or Scripting sometimes but the word that would describe it best is Handicap because that is what it does , it will handicap you or your opponent, it can be felt and seen mostly in certain moments during a match like the 45th and 90th minute but not only because its also there in other periods during a match helping one side or the other causing bad positioning , incredible perfomances and nonsense mistakes from the virtual footballers modifying the players attributes and artificial intelligence constantly without a rational explanation . This comes hand in hand with very clear biased refereeing especially on fouls and offsides. All this is creating total randomness in results no matter what is the difference of level between the virtual footballers on both sides,  the formation and custom tactics used  or who controlled his team best. A constant proof of this is when a team dominates the other team in every possible way having dominated the ball possesion and having way more shots on target controlling the whole match and ends up losing. Now this happens in real life too but it happens once in maybe 10 matches , On Fifa this happens with a rate of once in two matches and there are times when a team dominates 7 matches in row like described here and loses 5 of them most probably because of scripted events out of control  of the persons playing the game while the dominating team was being handicapped. This all amounts to a totally superficial falsificated experience were neither your results or the division you are in reflects were you truely should be. You can never know if you have improved your performances or not  when controlling your virtual team and you are never sure if your last victory or defeat was because of your team formation and custom tactics or because of handicap.


You are always in total confusion about everything and everyone in your virtual team because you are stuck with a big questionmark even on each one of your virtual players wondering if they played great or played bad because of their position or their workrates in that particular formation you are playing or  just because of Handicap in your favour or against. We are talking also about 100 chemistry teams with 11 players on 10 individual chemistry in ultimate team mode here. Other issues indicating that there is handicap in the game and are experienced by many people playing FIFA are the fact that this handicap tends to help the weaker virtual team when facing a better virtual team like when a silver team or gold non rare team face a rare gold or inform team and also the fact that when there is a red card during a match the team with the player sent off will get a super boost too and more often than not will outplay the other team for long periods of time and have all the strange rebounds in his favour . Sometimes you are just happy that one of your players is being sent off , This is not acceptable. Its a known fact that referees will let the play go on  if you do a hard sliding tackle from behind when you have the handicap in your favour and will stop the game on the slightest fair challenges when the handicap is against you. Balls have been even noticed to go trough defenders heads and other body parts on crosses , shots and passes or  the same  players being pushed out of positions by invisible forces , other times they just stop running or refuse to put out their leg to tackle even if they are in tackling distance while you push your joypad buttons in vain. All this happens to favour one team and handicap the other. Important to note too the perfect rebounds which always go directly like a guided missile to the attacker of the person who has the handicap in favour at that given moment and its his turn to score .


Most of these handicap directly related issues also repeat themselves and help create situations were very short virtual footballers beat very tall virtual footballers to headers on the so called overpowered crosses or overpowered corners and other similar situations like the so called overpowered lobbed trough passes and other non logical situations. Attackers will not reflect their pace , shooting and offensive attributes and will refuse to make runs no matter what workrates or custom tactics you are using and no matter the team mentality bar your on and world class midfielders will stuggle to perform a 10 feet pass or cover the defence. Passes will sometimes not go to the best positioned players who made the best out of space on the offense even if you are 100% sure you gave the proper power and direction to the pass and instead the pass will go to players who are standing offside or without space to operate in. Goalkeepers will do anything in their power to perry the ball in the opponents attackers feet. This  exposes the fact that artificial intelligence, player height  and player attributes have no real value into the gameplay while handicap is corrupting the match. All these faults are not bugs and thats why patches cant fix them and all is born from the fact that the game is simply manipulated  by handicap and is not allowed to be run by genuine physics engine dynamics.  It ruins completley the sense to even play the game or try to be competitive or get better players, why should i buy ibrahimovic when i know a player that is half his height and price will score a header or shot as good as him or why should i buy messi when many other cheaper strikers will run and dribble like him or why buy xavi when other cheaper players will put perfect trough passes  when i have the handicap in my favour. The same goes for defenders and goalkeepers .


This means that handicap is also killing the identity and diversity of the many individual virtual footballers and their specialities in the game. We are at a point that is more worth it to keep non rare gold team and hope you meet better gold or inform teams because your players will perform better than your opponents messi and ibrahimovic. This is total nonsense and against realism and lets not forget that we costumers are paying real money to buy this game claiming to be a real life football simulator and even pay real money to buy packs in Ultimate team to try and find better players that are supposed to make a difference on the virtual pitch with their better stats. Handicap makes all this pointless, as simple as that. Everyone involved knows about Handicap and know that its there to keep the casual gamer happy and making sure nobody is constantly losing or winning . Its very obvious that the game is creating a superficial balancing system that has nothing to do with the skill of the person controlling his team or the players in his team . EA think they just cant take the risk of casual gamers getting frustrated by losing most of the time and not buying the game anymore. EA has cut a shortcut for new and casual players eliminating the need for training and for a learning curve and has also eliminated the experience and skill of the better players along with the need to have an effective formation with good custom tactics and good virtual players and brought everyone on a same level , a level were you cant improve or get worse . This is totally against the concept of competitive sports and this franchise has become a reality were everything is manipulated by handicap most of the time in a match and in every single fixture you play , you win some and lose some no matter what and this can be reflected in the wins/draws/loss ratios of the majority of the people playing FIFA.


There is enough evidence to suggest that the game can keep a track record of people s wins/draws/loss ratios , the level they are on and even how close to a title , promotion or relegation they are in Ultimate Team Mode and decides how much, against who and when or not they can or not win, all calculated in some kind of algorithm probably most of the time with some kind of bonus to those who are playing with silver teams against gold teams and so on , its a chaotic system for those who try to see logic but its a system that works for EA but it will work only on a short term because very soon it will backfire so it will be much wiser for them if they started creating a fair comepetitive FIFA because in the last couple of years instead of using time to create a proper video game within a proper fair physics engine they have invested in this Handicap system which only they want and defend it by denying its existense. I think saying that the game goes to long lengths to make sure nobody is way better than somebody else when comparing stats and titles is a very good way to explain the whole experience. All This is made for obvious marketing/buisness reasons and now it has began to be counterproductive becase everyone has become aware of it and everyone wants to be in control of his teams destiny and nobody wants a virtual helping hand or virtual obstructions , it took away the soul of the game. Of course people have been banned from EA official forums for talking about this and the phase were EA puts out a statment and thinks fans are going to believe what they have to say is in the past. People believe what they see with their eyes while playing and no matter how much shiny is the next FIFA trailer or what impressive words they use , as long as this videgame continues to be a manipulated product we refuse to buy it. 


It is to no avail to continue trying to make them confess something they wil never confess.The only thing that will make them reflect on taking it away from the game and not letting the game itself , the community and EA s own yearly sales go down rapidly each year is that we stop buying their product and make our voice heared by signing this petitioned protest and once having enough signitures send it to EA in various ways  , also contacting honest game review websites and even contacting other potential Sports simulations creators like 2K sports and Konami so they would know that customers in the Football/Soccer videogame market are far from satisfied with the current situation and what is ruining comeptitive sports simulations .This will be done no matter how many votes this petition gets . Probably for every single person that will vote on here there will be many others that will not have the possibility to vote for some reason or an other but have had enough of this situation as much as we have and soon will stop buying FIFA too and EA better considers it. With every single signiture an email with the link to this petition is being sent instantly to EA headquarters in Canada , California (USA) and the UK.  The final Target here is that we have a video game simulating the beloved game of football/Soccer which is based on meritocracy , a game in which results are reflected on what happened during a sports event and that most of the time the winning team is the one that played better. The vital elements that lead to the final results of a football match in FIFA videogames should be the ingame virtual footballers attributes and skills , the team formation and custom tactics employed and the skill, concentration and confidence of the real life person controlling them. Luck should be left depending on the luck of the real life person involved and defeats should depend on wrong formation or custom tactics chosen for a particular match or because of human or virtual players errors or simply because your opponent played better on the day.  Human errors  should depend on the lack of concentration and confidence level or lack of skill of the real life person playing the game or bad selection of team formation and custom tactics. Virtual errors should depend on the lack of skill or lack of particular attributes of the virtual ingame footballers. Virtual mistakes or successful executions in passing, shooting, tackling , heading and goalkeeping should be calculated by a percantage in direct relationship to the attributes and skill of the ingame virtual footballers. 


The game physics engine should be genuine and balls deflected into corners , into throw ins or deflected onto defenders into own goals or balls perried by goalkeepers should be calculated by an actual genuine game physics engine system and not depending on who has the handicap in favour or against at that given moment. A shot hitting the post or the bar should also be calculated this way taking in consideration the individual in game virtual footballer attributes and skills , his position on the pitch , if he is pressed by opponents or not and the time he has on the bal , all these plus an in game genuine pyhsics engine should determine this happening or not. The only elements that should increase or decrease a virtual footballer s attributes and skills original values while he is performing a pass a shot a header a tackle and other influential actions during a match should be their body position ,the player s position on the pitch in realtion to were the ball and the goal is or were his team mates or opponents are at that very given moment , opponent pressing and fatigue/fitness, and chemisty if in ultimate team mode.   I want a competitive realistic football videogame simulating real life footballers and real football situations that is based on meritocracy depending on the human knowledge, skill , concentration and confidence of the real person controlling his in game virtual football team ,the attributes and skills of his virtual footballers and the team formation and custom tactics employed to decide if he wins or loses a virtual football match . Handicap has no place in a Sports simulation and and only those factors mentioned here should decide the outcome of a match on the virtual pitch. Virtual Referees obviously have to be fair and if EA wants to put in the element of mistakes done by real life referees than there should be a small percentage chance of mistakes for every individual virtual referee and linesman just like for the virtual players depending on their attributes and maybe every referee having his own profile giving an indication if he is whistle happy or not but mistakes have to be random and surely not biased towards one team or an other like they are now depending on who has the handicap. 


I think that its important to point out that the word scripting can mean that the other 10 players you are not controlling are scripted to act how normal footballers would act in real situations and this type of good useful scripting  is needed to keep realism into a virtual football videogame  but what what we have here is bad abusive scripting in the form of handicapping one side or the other using your very same players against you when it comes to positioning and performing actions , On the other side when you have handicap on yourside you sometimes score goals that leave you wondering if the game was playing out a predetermined script for that particular situation forcing your players to be in the right spot just waiting for a scripted rebound to fall in their feet while your opponents defenders are making it very easy and creating space for you all over the place . This is certainly never fair either way, no matter if its in our teams favour or against. All this leads to the corruption of the final result of each match played. This is totally unacceptable and its doing a lot of damage to this game. Needless to say that the better the game physics engine and artificial intelligence used in a game are than the less scripting is needed and i mean the good scripting here that kind of scripting that controls your team mates into doing normal and logic actions that help your team. Even Good Scripting in itself is a lack of better artificial intelligence in the present so its something that has to be reduced in the future and by no means increased and used in a wrong way like it is being used now under the form of Handicap for money profit intentions.  As it is now the game doesnt award human skill and concentration and  player attributes, team formations and custom tactics mean nothing once Handicap kicks in. In these moments the game has a mind of its own and if things stay the same this franchise will soon fall out of the category of programs called videogames because videogames are ment to be played and not play themselves out.


FIFA has all the potential to be the best game ever for who loves football/soccer but in the present it is being ruined totally by Handicap/Momentum and it wouldnt be an overstatment to say that as it is right now FIFA has no entertainment value and is an offence to the intelligence of people , to healthy competition , to real sportmanship , to Football and to Sports in general. I dont mind EA getting richer if they manage to deliver us with a fair competitive Football simulation as described in this petition. EA could win back some credibility too by doing so. Until than i will not buy the FIFA franchise anymore as a protest. 


 ( - As fans of the FIFA series  , as customers and even just as videogames enthusiasts  all are encouraged to advertise this petition to friends and other people by posting its link in Facebook , Twitter , You Tube , Forums , Blogs and however it can be effective  to have a wider reach , If videogame companies follow this type of buisness model manipulating what are ment to be competitive videgames and most imporantly ignoring their customers because they think its lucrative than it will be the begining of the end for videogames industry , it can be a cash cow for them in the short term but it will destroy the industry in a couple of years. When companies understimate the public intelligence and ignore what customers really want in their product and just think only about making more money as fast as possible than  sooner or later you can have a market crash , people will stop investing into videogames because they will lose trust and interest in such a market , This already happened in the early 1980s in the video game industry ( Link to a video documentary on you tube explaining what happened back than  and talking also about EA in length   ).  Same goes for videogames review websites , if they continue to cover up such things that are becoming very clear to everyone by not talking about them they will lose the trust of those who visit their websites , if these websites lose their credibility than they will lose everything and become useless even to the same videogame companies that today are making buisness with. It will be a destructive process for the sake of making a big income in a short period of time and not do things properly. Help Spread the Word.  Help save  this industry , even stop EA s own demise , Protect Videogames , its something that we have grown up to love as one of our hobbies, Thanks .  )

*** This Petition will continue to be online as long as Handicap continues manipulating the gaming experience of FIFA , This means that the petition will not be taken down next september with the launch of the next FIFA but will remain available for all those who continue to realize what this product has became and feel they have to protest against it by not buying the next versions and making it known, The final target always being that in the future FIFA goes back being an actual sports simulation were fair competition and meritocracy are paramount, If that happens this petition will be closed , a statment of satisfaction will be written here and on other relevant forums and we will be glad to return back being EA s costumers. ***



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