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Stop our Sims from dying and ageing automatically on Sims Freeplay!

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Nobody has asked for our sims to die. This is an idotic idea! EA seems to ignore all the gamers who are begging for them to stop this! Examples...

"If my Sims will die, thats the moment I stop playing this Game an delete it."


"So we have to kill off our precious sims in order to get more content? That's not a reward, that's crazy talk. I don't see myself playing this game any longer."

I really hate this idea. You can already "kill" sims by going to change their clothes and make them move away, this just makes it so you don't have control over it, it just does it automatically. I don't want to have my sims getting all old that's so depressing. I like my sims the way they are and don't want to spend all my hard earned currency to keep them that way. This kind of seems like a ploy to make people pay more money to get more LP so their sims don't get old. If I'm penalized by doing actions with my sims then there's no point in playing anymore. After playing every day for a year and a half and getting to the highest level, I think I'll probably quit if the game stops being fun from this update."



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