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Raise/Lift the 90 Deck Slot Limit for Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes players

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Background: While 100 was already causing trouble for many hardcore players, EA has decreased the deck slot limit for PvZHeroes from 100 to 90 currently. This means you can only have a total of max 90 decks for ALL plant + zombie Heroes as custom decks, not including strategy decks (which many don't find them helpful). 90 / the 20 heroes = less than 5 decks per character. (Meanwhile you can just stick to your 90 deck even if you have 1000 limit. the petition is to ask for raising the LIMIT, not forcing you to MAKE 1000 decks. Plus more deck LIMIT will never make your game more laggy, use your common sense on IT.)


I am writing this petition in 4 main sessions to ease reading:

A. What is a petition and what can I do to support it

B. Why did they decrease deck slot limit from 100 to 90 and why this is demeaning and has to be condemned

C. Why do some people NEED more deck slots

D. Answering various arguments - Why should you support/upvote (or at least not to object the petition) even if YOU do not have the immediate NEED yet, aka. "I don't need that much decks why shouldn't I object the petition?"

E. Objectives of this petition


A. What is a petition and what can I do to support it

A petition is normally a formal letter sent to an authority with many people signed. You can support this petition by following the instructions. You don't have to do anything else. I already have things typed up. What I need is merely your support.


B. Why did they decrease deck slot limit from 100 to 90 and why this is demeaning and has to be condemned

First, there is only one obvious, universal and fundamental reason for this: Given the amount of money they are willing to invest, they do not have enough cloud storage on game server 


Deriving from the fundamental reason, their argument goes:

premise i. having not enough cloud storage leads to people having issues with game performance

premise ii. decreasing deck limit could resolve cloud storage problem

Therefore: decreasing deck limit cloud improve the game performance


However, this argument is totally flawed. Do you spot it?

i. a) The current before-the-update poor game performance has nothing to do with cloud storage. The only part of game performance that relates to deck limit is internet connection problem, which are both server-dependent. However, the forced disconnect problem in the game in multiplayer mode had never improved even after the update. Those "there's a problem with your game" messages still exist during mid-game. This implies that even after decreasing deck limit (to 'save up more space'), it doesn't help improving game performance. b) Do you believe they are really running out of cloud storage? do you believe 10 more decklists for each player really occupy much space? I guess it's not even make up to 50MB space per person.

ii. Let me take 100 steps backwards, assuming what they say in i. is true. Is decreasing deck limit the only way to solve cloud storage problem on their server? Refer to the fundamental reason, notice this sentence ''given the amount of money they are willing to invest''. This means even I assume they have legit cloud storage crisis on their server AND making us to have less decks DOES help, further limiting our deck slots is neither the correct way or the only way to solve this issue, in which "INVEST MORE ON SERVERS" is the real suitable solution instead of limiting their players.

The most scary and concerning thing is that their whole argument is known as a "runaway train". This means for this update, they could decrease the limit from 100 to 90 for this reason; if you accept this reason, next update they could further decrease the limit from 90 to 10 for the exact same reason!!!


So, what are their real intention? Simple: to simply save server space and let the game last longer before they have to invest or pay more rent on more server space. They are just being mean to players and that is what this petition is striving for.


C. Why do some people NEED more deck slots (written before the update)

There is a 100 overall deck limit in the game. In other words, you could only have 100 plants+zombies decks in total saved. As a Hard Core player who reached ultimate league since September 2016, I had no motivation playing the game except for trying out new decks as well as decks built by other players. However, the 100 deck limit has been bothering me for months. Although i only keep decks with >70% win rates on ranked, I still have to delete some nice decks in order to try out new decks to keep my decks below 100. By the time now, I have to take a screenshot of every single deck that i have to temporarily delete to spare space in order to try/play new decks. And every time when i want to use my old decks i have to refer to certain screenshots to build them from scratch, swapping out some decks saved in the game. While you (and some low ranked players) don't believe me that it is possible to have more than 100 decks, i am telling you that 100 is super easy to reach for 20 heroes.

For example, for Chompzilla only, i have already got 6 decks for her.

  • pea pod father deck
  • heal pepper MD deck
  • party thyme bonus attack deck
  • strikethrough deck
  • flower deck
  • tempo deck

In our community, I know that many other top tier players have the same issues as I do including FryEmUp.

You might wonder why I am trying new decks despite these inconveniences. What's the point of using an old deck that always win repeatedly? I am Ultimate anyways so i don't care about ranking up. Trying new decks is the only motivation for me to play this game right now. However, the 100 deck limit is discouraging. If this inconvenience continues, I believe many top tier players including myself will quit the game as we have lost our last motivation of playing the game.

The deck limit should be raised up to at least 200 or unlimited to ease players.


D. Answering arguments from players - Why should you support/upvote (or at least not to object the petition) even if YOU do not have the immediate NEED yet, aka. "I don't need that much decks why shouldn't I object the petition?"

I can see most comments were on whether they 'need' it or not. First, let's define 'need'.

There are basically 2 types of players:

  1. you play only for winning in (ranked) matches (so you only play your best decks)
  2. you are playing as a fan who wants to dig into every corner of the game to enjoy the full gaming experience

The first type of player only play for winning in matches. This type of player are those that will very likely greatly decrease their play time or even stop playing once they have reached ultimate league. As their aim is merely winning matches and to reach higher leagues, they get burnt out soon as their aim has fulfilled. In this case, this type of player for sure doesn't 'need' more than 1 deck that has the highest win rate, eg. professor p2w.


The second type of player do not play for merely winning matches. Their aim is to have fun with the game including building new decks, creating new strategies and testing them out despite one deck may not beat the other. This type of player will continue playing even after they have reached Ultimate league until they have tested all possible decks in the game. They would be the group of players that spend most time in the game with full support and are always willing to spend real money on the game once some exclusive cards are out like hot date and red stingers. This case, they will for sure 'need' more (than 90) deck slots for collecting and saving their new decks and strategies. If not, it would be a big trouble and annoyance for them to test their decks and create new strategies. (They have to screenshot and delete decent decks in order to test new decks frequently.) For this reason, I believe many (potential) hardcore players including myself will quit this game soon due to the mentioned annoyance and shift to others which are more player-friendly and serious in the future development of the game. In fact, only counting those that I know, couple of players out there who have similar ambitions as I did have already left the game after reaching Ultimate league for 3-4 months for this reason.


It is up to EA's decision that which type(s) of player they want to retain, 1) only short term amateur card game players who get on to their phones and open up the game occasionally during their free time or 2) the one mentioned above AND those who are really ambitious and aspired to participate in a serious tournament. It is up to EA's decision on the development direction of the game, whether to make this like a casual little time killer for periodic players to play on their phones or a more serious strategy card game with a huge, long-term fan base and of course, much more development opportunities.


To other players of pvzh, no matter what rank you are at, ultimate or not, there is absolutely no reason for you to object the increment of deck limit for 3 very simple reasons:

  1. There is absolutely no downside to have more slots to save decks, it's always better for players to have more slots
  2. You don't need it doesn't mean others don't.
  3. You may not need it now, but you might need it later.

It is obvious that reasons like "We/I/you don't need that much" or "there are other worse things in the game that need to be fixed" are insufficient to contribute to explain why objecting the increment of deck limit.

"We/I/you don't need that much" - No matter I/you need it or not, this does not suffice the argument that the increment of deck limit should be objected as this is a neutral reason. Simply put, you can say it DOES NOT AFFECT you but this is not a reason to OBJECT the petition. Assume I REALLY don't need that much (which is false of course), then the increment of deck limit will have no effect(+0) on myself but it will have positive effects on those who really need that much(+N), while NO PLAYER will experience a negative effect(-N) from the petition. So, no effect on some people and positive effect on others results in an overall positive effect (+0+N=+N). Simply put, for those who do not experience any effect on increment of deck limit, you are not asked/forced/called/urged to support this petition but please at least do not object it for the sake that it has freaking no (negative) effect on you.

"there are other worse things in the game that need to be fixed" - Does any part of my partition mentioned this problem has to be fixed INSTEAD of any other problems? No. It isn't the worst/most urgent thing to be dealt with doesn't mean it is not a bad thing that needs to be urged to change. Still, it is for sure a bad thing for the players, especially those who supports the game from the very beginning.


Last but not least, I would like to remind EA and PopCap that the above are words from a relatively experienced hardcore player of your game who has reached ultimate league last August. While I understand and respect the fact that the majority in this subreddit have not even reached ultimate league, it is of utmost importance to bare in mind that upvotes and stats in this subreddit does not mean everything. The fact that some petitions do not get many upvotes can only infer that not many people have the immediate problem but doesn't mean that is not/will not be a problem in the long run when more have played the game for a longer time or reached ultimate league. You should make your own sensible, independent and logical decisions on which path this game should go in the future. Paths are chosen by yourselves anyways.


E. Objectives of this petition

Urge PopCap or EA to increase deck limit from 100.

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