Pedophelia in the Modding community need to END

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There is a popular mod for the , in which it provides a realistic sexual gameplay for ADULT sims. It has recently come to my attention that there are “creators” within the community that think it’s okay to make addons that represent pedophelia and beastiality.

There are animations being made of children and toddlers being raped. This is NOT okay. These creators have been operating for years with no repercussions other than the OG mod creators not supporting their “work” aka sick fantasies.

I’m not sure what I can do to make this stop and get these people the punishment they deserve, but there has to be something, and I’m making this petition to bring awareness to this huge problem. I feel like if more people outside the Sims community know about this, greater change can be made.

This is child pornography, plain and simple, animation or not, and it should be illegal. These people should be in jail.

Please sign the petition if you agree.

EDIT: Since people don’t seem to read updates and there is a lot of misinformation going around I’m going to clear a couple things up.

1. WickedWhims and TurboDriver have nothing to do with the add on content being made and it is perfectly safe to continue using WW.

2. The add ons in question that I was made aware of are from a site called AllTheFallen and the creators are Hakari and Angeldelillith.

Thank and you keep SHARING!