New Medal Of Honor Game for 2020

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With the Star Wars Battlefront series not doing as well as planned, the former video game series Medal of Honor has been shelved in the meantime. the series was shelved because the world could not enjoy the game based on real-life events and conflicts. Star Wars Battlefront although a visual spectacle of the modern day video game has some incredible features yet falls short in many aspects.

Medal Of Honor was created by Film and Television Director Steven Spielberg who based it off his academy award winning movie Saving Private Ryan, a movie set in the second world war on the beach of Normandy, France. the First video game was created in 1999 and was discontinued in 2012. it has been more than 5 years since we have seen a Medal Of Honor game, and EA games have released Battlefield and Star Wars in the years between. Battlefield being a superior Franchise is a spinoff or by-product of Medal OF Honor in 2002 which integrated the uses of vehicles and destroyable environment.

Another Videogame series that sparked competition was Activision's Call Of Duty. the creators of this series were originally part of Medal Of Honor but ended up creating their own. Both game Series' based on the Second World War, Call Of Duty was the first of the 2 series' to switch to the modern day featuring Fictional Conflicts based all around the world in 2008. in 2010, Medal Of Honor was released in the Modern Day Based on real-life events of soldiers, top-secret missions in the Afghanistan war. the following and final game released in 2012 featured conflicts in Pakistan, The Philippines, Somalia, Yemen, and Sarajevo.majority of the characters from the previous game carried over with the absence of few.

Medal Of Honor 3 should have the title Medal Of Honor: Tier 1. or something else along the lines of being the worlds ultimate service man/woman. It should be based in the Modern Day Conflicts, for example. Syria, Yemen, and Libya. the main characters should "Preacher" until his retirement, as well as AFO Wolfpack Characters "Panther" and "Vegas". with additional Characters, Original for the game as well as returning characters such as "Stump", "Dusty" and the Rangers. the game should feature weapons used by all the factions and not just a few in total. for example, in Medal Of Honor 2010, the multiplayer only had around 20 weapons total and Medal Of Honor Warfighter had around 80 ALTHOUGH more than two-thirds of those weapons were the same weapons with only visual differences...

There are hundreds of weapons that can be implemented to create the feel of the current conflicts and accurate representation of the modern day. the Final overall target date around 2019/2020.

on a side note, they can do what Battlefield and Call OF Duty have done and gone back to their roots by heading over to the past. Battlefield going to the First World War and Call Of Duty Going back to the Second World War. My Suggestion to keep originality... Vietnam war or the Gulf War.