Release a sequel to "The Simpsons Hit and Run"

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The Simpsons Hit and Run, released in 2003, was a huge success at the time. It sold over 3 million copies by 2007, had a very accurate interpretation of the series itself (along with the 3D graphics compared to the 2D which we see on the show), and lots of people considered it to be the best Simpsons game to date. However, a sequel to this particular game has not yet been released, only the Simpsons game which did not match to the level of this game.

There should be more playable characters, those featured in the series such as Flanders, Grandpa, Principal Skinner, Willy, Otto, Dr. Hibbert, Chief Wiggum, Krusty, Moe, and Barney, alongside The Simpsons and Apu. I also believe that there should be different forms of attacks than kicking, such as punching etc, but still retaining a 7+ or 12+ rating, hence a comical interpretation would be suitable. In the first game, there were only 7 levels, so therefore it's a no-brainer to include more levels, and levels should be open-ended, i.e having the whole of Springfield connecting together instead of it being in sections. Another no-brainer is to have improved graphics, more places to explore, more collectables, more fun missions, more cars, and for it to be released on newer generation consoles such as the PS4, Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One. Also, more transportation would be useful, more accessible rooms in houses, and for the map to be more accurate.

Public demand definitely warrants a sequel and I'm astonished one hasn't been made yet, or alternatively a remastering of the original game. I hope it can be made possible through the means of this petition. If you are nostalgic about this game and would love to see another one made, you know what to do!