Battle to Save the Battle of Trafalgar Pub, Brighton

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This petition aims to stop the changes to 'The Battle of Trafalgar' pub on Guildford Road, just up from Brighton railway station. After many decades as a successful community based pub with a unique character it is going to be shut down, gutted and converted into a sports bar with multiple T.V screens.

The owners - Enterprise Inns - refused to renew the landlady's lease and despite the pub's popularity have decided to change its nature utterly. At the moment the pub is very much part of the community - a community centre, in fact. It's a small local business that has been grown by people who know and love the area. They have developed a clientele that reflects the diversity of the city centre - a clientele that actually talk to each other. This has been achieved by years of serving good food, good drink and simply being nice to people. This is all about to be swept away in a crude corporate makeover.

We've seen a lot of these corporate makeovers in Brighton and most of them have resulted in characterless pubs that are as empty as they are bland. There are already several 'sports bars' in the immediate area and the city centre doesn't need another one. Enterprise Inns have not informed or consulted the pub's customers - we do not seem to matter to them which is why I have started this petition to voice our concerns.

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