eNCA: Fire Lindsay Dentlinger

eNCA: Fire Lindsay Dentlinger

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Started by Cameron Peters

In Late February, videos surfaced of eNCA news reporter and journalist Lindsay Dentlinger making requests towards people of colour, specifically Black people, to wear their masks to respect the protocols of COVID-19.

At the same time, several video montages were released showing Dentlinger interviewing White political leaders who were not wearing a mask. 

It has been made extremely clear in these videos that Dentlinger's concern regarding the wearing of masks and the prevention of the spread and control of COVID-19 was only targeted towards people of color. Politician John Steenhuisen was not prompted to wear his mask, even ONCE.

eNCA's statement released has completely dismissed the outrage and anger of the people. The investigation conducted by the company was done poorly and let Dentlinger off Scott-free. Dentlinger needs to be dismissed from her post at eNCA and should not be endorsed by the company or its subsidiaries.

The objective of this petition is to have Miss Lindsay Dentlinger dismissed from the eNCA with immediate effect. We need to set the standard for consequences related to racism and discrimination in the Republic of South Africa.

This petition will be sent to eNCA's headquarters in Johannesburg.

15,815 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!