e-bay stop selling pill presses, which are bought to produce counterfeits.

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Counterfeit Pills are being manufactured by drug dealers by using pills presses which are being sold on e-Bay.  Please e-bay stop allowing the sale of these pills presses.  Some of the presses are so sophisticated at producing counterfeit pills that the experts could not distinguish the real from fake.

These counterfeit pharmaceuticals are often laced with deadly fentanyl; most ppl are unaware that the pill they are ingesting contain fentanyl at all, and these ppl have a high risk of dying.  Medication pills most often counterfeited are:  OxyContin, Narcos, and other Opiod-Based.  Also, occasionally benzodiazepines such as Xanax are laced with fentanyl.  

My son died from Chinese Furanyl Fentanyl Poisoning on 6/5/16; my life is forever destroyed.  I do this in his memory---Christopher Brooks