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Dziva Circus In Mogilev, Belarus: Stop Using Animals for Circus Stunts

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My name is Kevin, I am a Law student from Costa Rica and I decided to start this petition because I believe that all non-human animals should be treated with respect. After reading an article about an accident an elephant had whilst performing and act at a circus in Mogilev, Belarus I was immediately triggered to do something; I can't do much in my current position, but I believe we can use social media as our best weapon to help those in need.  

The elephant was injured badly, and according to the article as soon as it has recovered, they will make him perform again. 

People think of animals as inferior beings that walk the Earth with the only purpose of serving them, not caring if those animals are degraded or hurt in the process. What people don't realise is that we are also animals, and we are privileged with the ability to reason, which we should be using to protect all the species instead of traumatising them for the pleasure of a few.  

I personally believe in the fact that nature should follow its course, for what I am not against humans eating other animals for survival or need. This happens with many other species, but hurting or killing non-human animals as a sport is inadmissible and there should be something done about it as soon as possible. 

I want elephants, monkeys, dogs, cats, lions, and any other kind of animal that's being kept captive in a cage and trained with violence to serve an act in a circus to be protected and given the respect they deserve.

You should all support this petition because we're all earthlings; and us being the reasoning species, should be doing everything we can to protect Earth and all of its children, not destroy them.

This is a link to the article describing the elephant's accident:

 Humans say slavery has been eradicated, not realising that they're directly contributing to the enslaving of other species.

''What does seventy million years mean to beings who live only one-millionth as long? We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.'' 

Carl Sagan - Cosmos. 

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