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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent: Treat him fairly and not in an unjustified way

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I think, without a doubt, he is. They have no "solid" proof/evidence, nor do their stories fit in. "Oh, he's in a pool of blood" next minute walks out without any blood on him from that boat. Oh, he can't talk now because his throat is damaged? How convenient. I've never seen any pictures of said bombs or anything that they have. Do you know what sucks about this whole thing? I bet they won't even have the decency to admit they're wrong. They've destroyed two kids lives (one is six feet under, the other is in **** for something which he didn't even do) and none of it makes sense. Are they trying to create some sort of uproar because his profile says he had Islamic views? It's so ridiculous.

I just think that America (and the world) wants a villain and people are too busy trying to point the finger at innocent people without actually looking at who the real criminals are in this whole thing; the government. People just accept whatever is easiest to swallow/what helps them sleep at night, and in this case, it means pinning it on Dzhokhar.

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