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Stop the Newfoundland Cannabis Boondoggle before it begins!

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Well Newfoundland, you have done it again. The Great Newfoundland Cannabis Boondoggle.

You had the opportunity to take this province from prohibition to becoming a leader in Canada by inviting great entrepreneurs to run beautiful store fronts with educated budtenders, but now we will see a 19 year old at Need's asking if you would like a joint with your case of beer.

No education on the different strains of cannabis, the flavors, the smells. No knowledge on a Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid. And definitely no idea on what type of cannabis would help with certain ailments that many medical users would like to know.

With only an 8 percent commission on sales, an entrepreneur will have to take on all the risks with no rewards. You have literally plucked the chances of a successful new industry and handed it over to a monopoly and it's not even legal yet! The NLC and it's greedy fingers want to take 92% of every sale, and on top of that charge taxes!

The best part about all of this, is you are spending $20,000 studying how to bring home Newfoundlander's living away back. I have an idea! Try stepping back and leave cannabis to the people. If we are to take on all the risk and cost to selling cannabis, let us profit from it as well! 

By only collecting the taxes and license fees, you could create a highly competitive industry, creating many jobs, and make it a very lucrative idea to move home again.  

The residents would have better paying jobs and it would keep the money here in the province instead of sending it all to Ontario. Many new and fascinating jobs would appear and create an economy we could all say were proud of!

With many of the younger Newfoundlander's leaving for better prospects in other provinces, take one look at the approach Colorado has taken and what it has done for the state. We need to create more jobs to help us get out of debt, not severely restrict it to death. Don't hide away all the cannabis and expect there to be lots of tax money from it. Educate the people on it's benefits. 

Colorado is successful because in addition to the sales tax of 2.9%, the state charges an excise tax of 15% and a special sales tax of 10%, plus license and application fees. Not 92% against the retailer!!!

With Newfoundland becoming an aging population, who's going to be left to pay taxes and the power bills. Bring home those young people, give them hope, let them dream and create an industry they can be happy about.

You have one shot to get this right, PLEASE for the sake of Newfoundland, DON'T MESS THIS UP!

If you want to see Newfoundland & Labrador succeed in this new market, pass this around, get signatures, let's fix this province! 

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