The People Of Newfoundland & Labrador Deserve Answers....Double Power Rates?

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With electric rates climbing well before the multi-faceted failure Muskrat Falls becomes operational, We, the people of Newfoundland call on Premier Dwight Ball and the Liberal government for transparency. We deserve and demand to see your plan to avoid our rates doubling, tripling or worse.

People in this province are fearful of how these rates hikes will affect the quality of life for seniors, lower income individuals, young families and our children' s futures. Will we have to choose between heat and food or light and medication? How will people survive?  Even if you can afford the impending hikes, you must know know somebody who can't. Show your love for our province by holding our government responsible for a feasible solution.

Your vague suggestion of some magical money between 400-800 million dollars per year for mitigation of rates is unacceptable. The people of Newfoundland and Labrador demand real solutions beyond wishful thinking.

Newfoundlanders are facing potential loss of their quality of life and our beloved province is fighting for her sovereignty. Two consecutive governments are responsible for creating this disastrous crisis. If you expect re-elction in 2019, we demand transparency and substantial progress made toward avoiding the unsustainable rate increases. Acceptance of your responsibility to the people as you sit as Premier isn't one to take lightly.  And we demand Answers.

Thank you for you time.