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DWA: PLEASE release this beautiful and amazing animal to a sanctuary - I have one willing to take him.


The jaguar kept at the Dallas World Aquarium is kept in inhumane conditions just by the nature of being kept in a glass caged structure. He paces, rolls or lies still for hours showing severe signs of distress and agitation. There is no way the jaguar can run, swim, hunt or do the other instinctual traits that come naturally. For this beautiful animal to be kept in the extremely small enclosure for the benefit of paying customers is beyong comprehension. Jaguars tend to avoid humans in the wild; this jaguar is forced to be around humans day after day in barbaric conditions. This near threatened species cat should be afforded the opportunity and right to live in a large cat sanctuary in humane conditions.

From the DWA Website: Visitors at the DWA often refer to "Pintada", the resident Jaguar, as a "cheetah" or "leopard". Of these three cats, only Jaguars have spots inside spots. They are also bigger, some weighing over 300 pounds (tigers and lions are the only bigger cats). Jaguars have a much stockier build and are excellent swimmers. They have massive jaws, with twice the biting power of a lion. They live alone, except when a female raises cubs. Found from Arizona to Argentina, they are endangered, due to hunting for their pelts and habitat loss. They often live 20 years in zoos.


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