Dutch Kennel Club: Submit proposal to relocate World Dog Show 2019 away from China

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Dutch Kennel Club: Submit proposal to relocate World Dog Show 2019 away from China

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In 2019, the unthinkable will happen. China, a country that brutally maims, tortures and kills millions of dogs every year, will host the World Dog Show. Many people are at a total loss to see how this could have occurred in the first place, but this is irrelevant now - what matters is that we do everything we can to ensure it doesn't happen. That is why we are appealing to the Dutch Kennel Club 'Raad van Beheer' to do everything in their power to relocate the World Dog Show to a country where dogs are treated in a humane and respected fashion.

While countries such as Sweden, Finland, Norway and the UK (the latter of which has withdrawn from the event in protest) have been vociferous in their objection to China hosting this, the Dutch, at the behest of their members, went far enough to place a condition on the China Kennel Union if they were to host this show. In 2016, they called for the CKU to deliver a presentation to the FCI General Assembly in 2017. This presentation was to guarantee efforts by CKU that there would be a clear switch towards a dog friendly policy in all Chinese provinces. The Dutch made it very clear that if these efforts proved insufficient, they would submit a proposal to withdraw the allocation of the WDS 2019 to a different country. The China Kennel Union thus agreed, stating in a letter to the DKC: "Of course, we will make a presentation at the 2017 FCI General Assembly in Germany to present what we have done to improve our dogs’ welfare in the range of 2015 to 2017."


We urge the Dutch Kennel Club not to turn a blind eye to this. An agreement was made in writing and CKU have broken this agreement. This cannot go unchallenged. CKU must be held accountable for their failure to deliver a presentation that they previously agreed to, otherwise it makes a mockery, both of the DKC and the dog show. Hence, we the undersigned urge Raad van Beheer to follow through with the same courage and determination they initially undertook when they placed this condition on CKU. As CKU have failed to deliver this presentation, we can assume that evidence of their efforts to improve dog welfare are indeed insufficient and we ask the DKC to submit a proposal to withdraw the allocation of the World Dog Show to a different country. 

There is one last chance to vote for a relocation of the World Dog Show 2019. It will be held at the FCI General Assembly later this year. Please make this relocation happen. We cannot allow China to host such a prestigious event when their treatment of dogs is so shamelessly appalling, evil and sickening. Please sign and share this petition far and wide, both for the dogs who suffer and for everything civilised society stands for. 


Sarah Brownlee

Head of Operation Hound: Event to end the Dog Meat Trade

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