Closure of all schools in the Netherlands

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  • Already a lot of people are worried about the small Security measures of Holland health system. I wish that the government will take the decision to close all the schools of the countries. If we are going to wait for one single case to appear in the School system, will already be too late ! Now is the time to really do something and trying to contain the spread of this virus. We all know how fast a virus can spread in schools and, I understand that the government says that the old people are the most in danger ones, but if young people are going to be infected, then it will be very easy to pass it to their grandmas or grandpas, old teachers, old parents (or whoever else !). So, for the health of EVERYBODY, now it is the time to be together in this strong act and STAY HOME. If you think the same as me, please sign this petition and let's try to make that happen !

Hugs, oh no, sorry, just cheers for now !